Jimmy Butler came to the Miami Heat

A little too muddled 3-point shooters for my tastes on Sunday night, but other than that, Miami Heat And denver nuggets Quite an exciting game played. The Heat finally put the Nuggets on the ropes in the fourth quarter, and it was Jimmy Butler who held them there long enough to deliver the knockout blow.

Jim Brockmire on WednesdayHank Azaria) Appeared on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. Although he didn’t say anything directly, the lead character of one of the biggest comedies of the last decade strongly implied it “Heat Culture” Is Actually a Cult, if summer is actually a real life njirambaSo was a more persuasive invitation to join in than in Game 2 “No no no no no leader, ever had.

Erik Spoelstra took the necessary steps

Kevin Love was inserted into the starting lineup — because Erik Spoelstra isn’t a rookie coach who waits two games too late to make changes — and made the Heat more formidable inside. Gabe Vincent was brilliant in the pick and roll offense, while Bam Adebayo attacked relentlessly on both sides of the floor. In addition, Max Strauss looked like nothing would come close to repeating his Game 1 0-10 performance from the field, and Duncan Robinson was breathing fire as he scored the Heat’s first eight points of the fourth quarter and added his . 4-5 way down the field during the last 12 minutes of the game

The Heat’s performance in Game 2 was a masterclass from a 1-10 rotation in a post-season winless game. However, it was Butler’s work in the fourth quarter that kept the Heat steady while the Nuggets were hitting key shots to get back in the game.

Before Butler entered the game in the fourth quarter, the Nuggets went from seven points up to five points down. A crime that powerful can only be suppressed for so long. Once Butler touched the court, the Nuggets scored three consecutive possessions. He countered with three points on a long-range shot and another -1 to keep the Heat at an eight-point advantage.

Butler completed a pass to Caleb Martin to give the Heat an eight-point lead with just over three and a half minutes left in the game, and also hit a jumper to bring the Heat’s lead back to eight with 2:12 to go. Then on the final possession of the game – after missing a potential dagger jumper – Butler bowed out to a morale-boosting force from the perimeter known as Jamal Murray, blocking him with a 3 pointer to send the game into overtime.

He hasn’t truly played the “himmy” game since the first round. Butler in the first game of the second round new York Knicks – A Another injury issue that he now has to deal with.

During the Heat’s seven-game Eastern Conference Finals Boston CelticsHis Game 1 35 points on 48/50/90 shooting splits along with six steals and seven assists was his only dominant performance in that series. A player who normally stays at the free-throw line only has seven attempts in the Finals.

Can the Heat win the game without Jimmy Buckets?

In Game 2, he scored 21 points, shooting 36.8 percent from the field, and had nine assists on five free-throw attempts. Four of those assists came in the third quarter, helping the Heat keep the momentum Nikola Jokic 18 of 41 while shooting 60 percent from the field.

At some point in this series – maybe twice – Butler will definitely have to be the best player on the floor to win his first NBA championship. Being the utility man works until the pipes are leaking, mold is spreading, and the toilet stops flushing all at the same time. No utilitarian man can fix all that at once. At that point, a star has to save the day.

in that case, It is an earning member who can pay several specialists to work at the same time. Or better yet, move into a sturdier house. Or even better, buy a better house as well as fix up the old one so it can be sold for a profit.

Butler wasn’t the same on Sunday, but he certainly stopped rumbling and drizzling at home, though temporarily. He only got it at night so it can again be ready for the force of nature that is the Denver Nuggets.

His Game 2 performance won’t go down in NBA stories, but every single play he made was essential for the Heat, preventing the Nuggets from suffering a post-2023 home loss.