Jeremy Clarkson denounces infamous Philip Schofield’s “witch-hunt” – Deadline

Disgraced British TV presenter Philip Scofield has had another week in the limelight following his departure from ITV’s flagship daytime show. today morning and her admission that she had a secret relationship with a runner 40 years her junior on the show.

She will be relieved to read the words of fellow presenter Jeremy Clarkson, who this weekend wrote in defense of the fallen star. Sunday Times,

Clarkson, who has endured her share of bad headlines and was dropped from hit BBC motoring show Top Gear after a physical altercation with a producer in XX, wrote:

“When we hear that Leonardo DiCaprio’s new girlfriend is three years older, we casually roll our eyes and we applaud when we learn that the age difference between Al Pacino and his pregnant girlfriend is 54 years.” which means that when he was acting as an old man scent of a WomanShe was not even a fetus.

“But Phil and his toy boy? No. That’s absolutely unacceptable…

“I’ve never seen witchcraft like this, and what amazes me most is that as it stands, no crime has been committed. I don’t know him well and he has no skin in the game.” No, but I think he’s only guilty of being what he said he was: gay.

In the meantime, the story continues, including this week’s developments:

Scofield giving interviews to the BBC and Sun newspaper, which reiterated that he had done nothing illegal, but believed that his TV career was over

ITV boss Dame Caroline McCall announced she had instructed an independent barrister to conduct a review of the events going on behind the scenes. today morningclaims of poisoning and a conspiracy among seniors to keep Scofield’s affair secret;

Confirmation that the ITV boss will appear before Parliament this Wednesday to answer questions;

The weekend press reports that Schofield’s co-host Holly Willoughby will return to the show on Monday morning after a fortnight’s break, and will directly address the scandal in an attempt to restore trust with viewers.