Jefferson Hall Emirati director Nyla tops the cast of thriller ‘Three’ – Deadline

Jefferson Hall has been announced as the lead actor in Emirati film director and producer Nayla Al Khaja’s psychological thriller Three,

Set in a bustling modern Middle Eastern city, the drama revolves around the case of a young boy whose increasing strangeness leads his mother to believe he is a ghost.

UK actor Hall, whose credits include House of the Dragon, Halloween And Oppenheimer, Plays a Western doctor who is mentored by a mother as she tries to get to the bottom of what’s wrong with her son.

Hall stars a predominantly Emirati cast with model and actress Fateen Ahmed as the mother, Noura Albed (Viladah), veteran actor Mari Al Halyan (on credit time) and newcomer Saud Alzorouni as well as Jordanian actor Mohannad bin Huthail (amount,

Three Al Khaja’s first feature after several well traveled short films including Neighbour, Animal And shadow,

Al Khaja directed and produced the film and also co-wrote the play with Ben Williams

The production was filmed over a period of 24 days in Thailand and the United Arab Emirates, with principal photography wrapping up the previous week. The production has released a raft of first pictures and behind-the-scenes photos.

set of three

Three Muna Essa Al Gurg was produced by Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki, Daniel Zirilli, Jean-Charles Levy and Naila Al Khaja, with executive producers such as Jefferson Hall, Siddharth Thakkar and Rasik Thakkar.

It is being billed as a milestone in the history of UAE Arab cinema, for its storyline involving a Western character in a storyline with an Emirati family – a situation rarely depicted on film. Have been done

“I am thrilled to have completed my feature debut; This project is a collective effort of 250 talented artists who have come together to achieve this vision,” said Nayla Al Khaja,

“The performances at Jefferson Hall and Saud Alzaroni beautifully captured cultural difference and yet emphasized our shared human needs, healing, connection and love. is three An intriguing cross-cultural horror film that pulsates with the mesmerizing rhythms of an alien world.

Al Darmaki, producer at Abu Dhabi-based Dark Dunes Productions, said the film broke new ground for Emirati cinema.

“Nayla’s skill and way of storytelling is a nice break from what is the norm as both an Emirati and an Arab film. This aligns with Dark Dunes Productions’ goal to do something different and do something good in a globally loved genre.

Influential Emirati businessman Isa Al Gurg, who is on board as an executive producer, said he was also attracted to the project because of the way it broke barriers and challenged stereotypes.

,I believe in the power of storytelling to inspire change and create a more inclusive industry. Nayla Al Khaja’s genius came to the fore from the start when I confronted her shortcoming: shadow,” He said.

French producer Jean Charles Levy (shtl, the deep house, the punch love) highlighted the fact that the film was anchored in a culture that has rarely been seen on the big screen internationally.

“Hopefully this will act as a catalyst for many more Dubai films for the rest of the world. The three capture not only the skyscrapers and aesthetics of the city but also the soul of its people and the diversity that makes it special.

The film is currently in post-production and Al Khaja is already working on his next project feature Baba, including two-time Oscar winner, music director AR Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire And 127 hours).

shooting for Baba Scheduled to launch in March 2024 in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.