Jeff Hardy, Darby Allin blur the lines, but not in a good way

The idea that the wrestling world and the real world are separate entities has been introduced commonly in recent times. With wrestlers and companies using social media to further storylines and feuds, the “dirt sheets” are moving into an industry of their own, with fans taking whatever backstage gossip they can find (I’m no different. ), what is “real” and what is real is quite hazy. And that’s in the world of wrestling, where the whole thing is built on that kind of blurriness. We know they’re characters, but we know they’re people, and where one ends and the other begins is less identifiable than ever. It’s all part of the fun, as wrestling dances the line of “show” and “competition.” You Can See CM Punk’s Possible (potential?) as a perfect example of what happened in real life to return and any future feud with The Elite.

But that line can be inconvenient for everyone, depending on what real life real issues are being dealt with, or not being dealt with as the case may be. AEW was definitely playing with the bad side of it all last night on Dynamite, with both the return of Jeff Hardy and Darby Allen’s promo-off with MJF.

Hardy first. He returned to the company after His Latest DUI Arrest Just about a year ago. This is nothing new for Hardy, who has been fired or released from several wrestling companies for alcoholism, drug addiction, as well as numerous arrests. In last night’s storyline, Hardy came to the rescue of his brother Matt, and AEW is probably bracing for one last Hardy Boyz run before the two of them retire.

whatever the fans want. everybody loves jeff hardy and Hardy’s. And yet at the same time, the reaction to Jeff’s return was somewhat muted, as there was a feeling from fans both at home and away that we’ve all been here before. because we have. And deep down, Jeff’s return is forcing every fan to ask if they aren’t contributing to his problems.

We see addiction in a different light now, not a personal failing but a weakness. But it was hard to watch Jeff kick another Swanton Bum last night, watch him get up cautiously, and limp around, and wonder how such physical pain could possibly help him recover. Whether or not this was an actual injury or a reaction, it’s hitting those notes. A lot of addictions stem from physical pain, and we all know that Hardy’s body is hardly in tip-top shape after two decades in the ring. Watching Hardy do this still brings us back to the first time we saw him and his brother Matt do things we didn’t think a human could, or should, do, and that’s the joy they provide. We do. But we are all too well aware of the damage caused by it. It’s hard if not impossible for fans to separate those two feelings.

Every wrestling fan wants Jeff Hardy to be even better this time. It’s fair to question whether wrestling fits into that. Surely, he’s always known this, and perhaps he needs that center and activity to stay busy, or feel a place to continue working on himself. Sitting idle doing nothing is also not the best path to sobriety. But perhaps the answer lies in finding something new for him, something that doesn’t take a physical toll and isn’t the path that has led him astray so many times.

Whatever Hardy’s path to health, and that’s what matters most, inviting fans along for the ride again is going to be an uphill task. It’s one thing when it’s just the character “Jeff Hardy” who once again throws himself from a height he probably shouldn’t through the table and the opponent. But fans know that Jeff Hardy hasn’t really been able to handle the character Jeff Hardy in a healthy way. We can no longer see them as two separate things, and not only has Jeff Hardy had a very rough time, he has put other people in danger in the most reckless of ways. His last arrest saw him three times over the limit on a breathalyzer that afternoon while driving a car in which he had somehow bypassed the ignition lock as he drifted in and out of traffic. If it turns south again, the consequences could be worse than the loss of an already decorated career and another rehab period.

Hardy wants to jump over things to entertain us, because that’s his world. But it’s a little hard to be entertained when we’ve all seen where this leads. We have our memories, and most if not all fans would rather trade any new ones than selfishly wallow in Jeff’s health and happiness and ignore the price that may be paid.

Darby Allin goes after MJF on the mic again

As for Allin, after his show-opening match with Swerve Strickland, he got on the mic after MJF and did a promo about how he used to be like MJF and only focused on himself and his achievements. He used to concentrate, but he was never happy. And how therapy showed him all that was around him and made him a happier and more fulfilled person than MJF.

Except for one problem: AEW has constantly asked us to do this. Ignore Elin’s Real Life And this multiple charges because of domestic abuse and sexual assault because he was at the top of the card. they didn’t mind Jimmy Havoc Firing Speaking out and following the allegations against him, but he was not a main event player. Elin has skated (I know, I know) all over it. It has been off-limits as far as he was concerned.

And now we have Elin opening a window into her personal life, but once you open that door the people who look inside don’t get to cherry-pick. Alan can’t reference his mistakes and demons and past and then figuratively say, “Yeah, but not that.” If his real personal life is going to be a part of his on-screen story, and most of us know what’s going on in his personal life, then we can’t accept that going to therapy is all right now. Will be done . If AEW and Allyn want to walk down this road, they will have to walk it down the road.

Once again, kayfabe lines are just a theory nowadays. But perhaps AEW should be a little more careful with how they blur them out.