Jana Kramer reveals how boyfriend Alan, ex Mike Kossin came together

No awkward moments here! Jan Kramerex husband of mike cossin met her new boyfriend, alan russell – and both are being “great”.

The “Whine Down With Jana Kramer” podcast host, 39, exclusively states, “Everyone gets along really well and that’s a really beautiful thing.” us weekly Promoting her collaboration with Volition Beauty. “Like, once upon a time I sat back and just watched… I’m like, well, things can turn around and it can be beautiful.”

The country singer, who shares daughter Jolie, 7, and son Jace, 4, with her ex-husband, 36 — tells Russell, 42, who coaches professional soccer in the U.K., attends her kids’ soccer games with Cousin. participates in ,

“I’m into soccer games and it’s like — it’s great,” he gushes about how well his blended family is doing. “It’s pretty much a full circle. Like … all the dust has settled and it’s coming full circle again.

Kramer and Cousin face many ups and downs in their marriage. The former NFL player, who later sought help for sex addiction, cheated on the country singer multiple times, which ultimately led to the end of their relationship. The two got divorced in 2021 after nearly six years of marriage.

Jana Kramer reveals how boyfriend Alan and ex Mike Kossin came together

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The pair aren’t always in sync when it comes to copying – The one Tree Hill alum specifically stated We in February 2022 that it was not a “great” dynamic – they have since put the past aside to focus on their children.

Kramer explains, “I think we’re doing a really great job and I’m really proud of the way we’ve adapted and the way we’ve taken our story forward and focused on the kids.” Proud of us.” We, “And listen, I’m the kind of person where I believe that we all shouldn’t be defined by the things that we did in our past. Doesn’t shy away from things. But, you know, I want to I want him to be so happy. I want happiness. I just, I want everyone to be happy and I don’t like to keep any kind of bad feelings or anything in mind. I really wish him all the best, I hope the best for them, because at the end of the day that is what is best for the kids.

Cousin also gave her ex a special treat when Russell was in town for the Easter weekend. (Kramer lives in Nashville, while the former football pro lives in Scotland.)

The “Voice” singer “wasn’t going to have kids” that weekend, she told listeners on an episode of her “Whine Down” podcast earlier this month. Cousins, however, “let me take them and it was the best weekend ever.”

In a January episode of his podcast, Kramer revealed that he and Russell first connected through Instagram. Despite her hesitation — “I said, ‘No … that’s silly. I’m a mom with two kids and I live in Nashville, like, how’d that work?'” she told her boyfriend — the former athlete. There was something “different” about it.

“We try not to go more than three weeks without seeing each other,” she explains of their long-distance romance. “It feels really great, and I don’t want to put too much pressure on it and I just want to enjoy it.”

Jana Kramer reveals how boyfriend Alan and ex Mike Kossin came together

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In addition to her personal happiness, Kramer’s professional life is flourishing — and she’s thrilled about her new collaboration with Volition Beauty.

The “Why Ya Wanna” artist worked with the beauty brand to create her own serum and eye cream — and tied it all together with her love of wine. (Kramer also has his own line of spirits, One Brick Wines.)

The retinol-based product, both containing grape seed oil, was inspired by her favorite white wine. Volition Semillon Overnight Retinol Serum also contains niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, while Grenache Eye Cream also contains hyaluronic acid and peptides.

“I use both of these products every day. I love it,” she says of her collab with Volition. She also wanted to make sure the skincare products were affordable. (The serum retails for $69, while the eye cream costs $59.)

“I wanted high-quality materials, but not at a crazy price,” she explains. We, “It’s honestly not even about making money with it. I just want to have a good product that people can use and get.”

With reporting by Cristina Garibaldi