Jana Kramer introduces boyfriend Alan Russell to her kids

a big step? Jana Kramer’boyfriend of alan russellSpent the weekend in Nashville between his long distance romance.

The country singer, 39, posted photos with the soccer coach, 42, at a Nashville Soccer Club game on Saturday, April 8, which she attended with daughter Jolie, 7. The next day, Russell was seemingly joined by Kramer and her two children — she also shares son Jace, 4, with ex-husband mike cossin – for the Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday, April 9th.

Earlier this month, the one Tree Hill Elam noted that her young children had not met her boyfriend.

Jana Kramer Boyfriend Alan Russell Spent Easter Weekend In Nashville In Long-Distance Relationship 2
Courtesy of Jan Kramer / Instagram

“Not yet,” Kramer replied on the “Women on Top” podcast when asked if she had introduced Russell to Jolie and Jess.

She went on to gulp about the Scotland native, whom she met via Instagram.

“But some kind of message or whatever is pulling me [on Instagram] And I stopped replying and now he is my boyfriend. So he lives just outside London,” Kramer said of traveling to visit her husband when her children were with their father. “It’s seven hours there and then nine hours back. So, I’m going, like, once a month. He used to play soccer and now he’s a soccer coach in England. But yeah it’s been great, I’m glad He slid into the DM. Something seems different about him.

Jan Kramer Boyfriend Alan Russell Spent Easter Weekend In Nashville In Long-Distance Relationship 3

Alan Russell and Jan Kramer Courtesy of Jan Kramer / Instagram

This is Russell Kramer’s second public romance after his divorce from Cousin. ,us weekly Confirmed in April 2022 that he and personal trainer Ian ShinnellI split.)

“I also know that relationships are hard and this is tough,” she continued. “I’m trying not to say too much because I don’t want to spoil anything, but it feels different. There’s a lot of respect in this relationship, he respects me a lot and I respect him. I stand by my words very careful … and I think that’s what made it such a loving relationship. And I trust him, which is weird. … I’ve never, like, ever been in love with him in my wildest days The way this guy loves me — how he loves me, how he talks to me. And I’m like, ‘This is what I deserve.’ Whether it works or doesn’t work, like, I can’t do that with my ex.”

Kramer has been known to be open about his relationship struggles, detailing his ups and downs with Cosin via his “Whine Down” podcast. The pair pulled the plug after their sixth wedding anniversary in April 2021 after she accused him of cheating again. Last month on her show, she confirmed that her ex-husband had not met Russell, but she plans to wean men down the line.