Jamie Foxx is receiving treatment at the Physical Rehabilitation Center

According to TMZ, Jamie Foxx has been moved from Atlanta to Chicago to receive continued medical treatment at “a facility touted as the top physical therapy and rehabilitation center in the country.”

The outlet reports that Foxx arrived at the facility in late April after receiving treatment at an Atlanta hospital and has been “recovering” since her arrival.

However, the outlet says it’s unclear “what happened to Jamie or why he’s there.”

Additionally, the only facts about the facility known for certain are that it reportedly specializes in cancer rehabilitation, stroke recovery, spinal cord injury rehab, and traumatic brain injury rehab. The center also reportedly offers an “adaptive sports and fitness program,” which may also explain Corinne Fox’s most recent statement about her father playing pickup baseball.

In the initial report, the outlet also included photos of Foxx’s daughters, Corinne and Anneliese, visiting him at the facility over the weekend.

Additionally, Foxx’s daughter Anneliese was seen carrying her guitar, which is a positive sign as Foxx has publicly noted how important music is to her. Anneliese’s mother was also seen taking a tour of the facility and leaving with Mother’s Day flowers and balloons.