J-pop group SG5 is the first girl group to officially collab with “Sailor Moon” and we chatted with them about their debut single “Firetruck.”

Cadade: If I were to describe the other members as snacks, I would say they are gummies with jelly inside! Because the more you learn about our members, the more you learn about them, not just what you see on the surface.

Sayaka: I think Kaede will be chocolate chip cookies, Miu will be gummies, Ruri is cotton candy, and Rui is chocolate!

Miyu: Sayaka is an Oreo cookie, Ruri is a salty plum, Kaede is potato chips, and Rui is candy!

Ruri: If my members were snacks, I believe Kaede would be chocolate chip cookies, Miyu would be milky candy, Sayaka would be caramel, and Rui would be Apollo chocolate.

Cotton: Caded Sour Patch Gummies will be there because their bright personalities are like colorful gummies. Ruri will be sasha (Japanese chocolate dessert) because the delicate appearance and packaging of sasha is very Ruri-like! Sayaka will be chocolate-covered nuts—specifically macadamia chocolate, which have personality and purpose in adulthood. Miyu Rainbow Cotton Candy will be chocolate, because she is a bit mysterious, but she has a fluffy and cute fancy atmosphere, just like cotton candy that melts as soon as it is eaten!