Isaiah Washington Says ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Was Full Of Drugs

After that “early retirement“Grey’s Anatomy” actor Isaiah Washington is making some startling statements about alleged behind-the-scenes dealings.

Isaiah Washington didn’t hold back online

Earlier this week, the 59-year-old jumped Twitter and completely shocked fans by alleging that “cast mates and producers grey’s anatomyEngaged in debauchery.

Specifically, his charges centered around “large scale alcoholism and [drug use],” as well as “Swingers Parties.”

“Hmmm… I wonder if I should be tweeting about the rampant alcohol and drug use among my fellow cast members and producers.” grey’s anatomy And all the merry parties that happened?”

Washington continued, “I stayed clean for 3 years and declined after-hours hot tub invitations because I was sure I would lose my contract with a urine analysis at any moment and if I went to that lady’s hot tub I will lose my lovely wife.”

However, as Isaiah the name-dropped producer, he didn’t end there. Rob Corn and brought a classmate who was “so drunk she couldn’t make it to the set of Grey’s Anatomy.”

“Hmm… I wonder if I should post about how producer Rob Korn told me he had to break into an apartment to wake up one of my former cast members because he’d get so drunk. That he couldn’t turn up on set. Grey’s Anatomy. Reportedly it happened several times. I was never late for work. Never.”

grey’s anatomy Case follows backlash over a post related to the KKK

The position comes after Washington’s controversial social media statement about growing up with members of the Ku Klux Klan.

Isaiah recently took a moment to reflect on how “some of the coolest” people he knew were growing up in the KKK.

“I had some of the best elementary school teachers and even some neighbors I knew who were Klansmen in Texas growing up. I knew where they stood with me and they also Know where I stand with them.

He added that “the boundaries were very, very clear” before offering some examples. Additionally, Washington said that his mother always treated children from families affiliated with the KKK with respect.

“The boundaries were very, very clear and I still played with their kids, I just couldn’t drink from their outside water hose or come inside their house to eat and their house was usually my older sister.” Used to be much smaller than they used to be. My mom never minded letting her kids come over to my house in the summer to eat lunch and drink glasses of our old JFK water.

If these childhood friends—whom he respected as “a true Texan”—were his supporters today.

“I can’t help but wonder, today, if their children are supporting me as an actor today, simply because I showed them the love and respect I have shown them as a true Texan and a true American, even when When his parents and grandparents publicly denied it.”

We should also note that this upload keeps getting removed from Instagram, although Isaiah has responded by continually reposting it.

After his statement was reported by publications, Isaiah made allegations about grey’s anatomy, Specifically, he tagged several publications and wrote, “[cherry-pick] This tweet.

Tagging even more publications, he added, “It looks like I will not hold back from claiming that I am a sympathizer and supporter of the KKK.”