Is The Evil Dead Rises A Post Credits Scene? How many end credits, middle credits?

More than 10 years after the last film in the franchise, Deadites are wondering: What evil dead rise Are there post credits scenes?

evil dead rise is the fifth installment in the Evil Dead series. The first three films were directed by Sam Raimi in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Fede Alvarez rebooted the series in 2013, taking a new spin on the horror franchise. Ten years later, Evil Dead Rises follows a new set of characters who are entangled with the estate and evil spirits. The gist of the film is this: a twisted tale of two estranged sisters whose reunion is cut short by the rise of flesh-and-blood monsters, plunging them into a primal fight for survival as they face the most terrifying of family members imaginable. Let’s face it version.

So, is there a post-credits scene in Evil Dead Rises? Read more below to know.

does evil dead rise Is it a post credits scene?

evil dead rise

Image: Courtesy of Warner Bros./Everett Collection

does evil dead rise Is it a post credits scene? No, there is no post-credits scene in the film. spoilers: The film ends with an invisible demon attacking Jessica in a parking lot, where she saw a blood-stained piece of wood used by Beth to kill the demon living inside her mother, Ellie. It ends with a sense of suspense and keeps the audience hooked on where the monster will strike again in future movies.

is the only film in evil dead The franchise that has a post-credits scene is 2013. evil dead reboot by Fede Alvarez where Ash Williams (played by Bruce Campbell), the protagonist of the first three films, appears in the shadows saying his catchphrase, “Groovy”. The soft-reboot was supposed to set up some suspense for future movies with Alvarez meeting the hero in the sequel but it was never made… or will it be?

On directing the film, Lee Cronin spoke to IndieWire about the experience of taking on a new spin on the film series formula. “I had to chase the characters and the setting and the circumstances first, and then figure out how it all worked. Moving to a city was tough because it’s like, ‘How do I get a chainsaw into an apartment building? How do I get the book there and how did the book get there?’ I went about it, setting it up and then looking around corners to see how I could bring those pillars of the franchise into play.

He also talked about why he wanted the location setting to be different as compared to the previous films. “The top floor of an apartment in downtown LA is about as far away as you can get from a cabin in the woods without leaving the planet. So to me it felt like a really obvious choice, and to go Kind of an obvious place. Then going there, it was introduced in the context of a small outlook on the world and modern life: families living in small spaces and the pressures that come with that, and the idea of ​​home. So there’s a lot of value in that. I was able to dig in and mine in. All of that stuff matters because it really makes the horror on the other end more valuable.

evil dead rise

Image: Courtesy of Warner Bros./Everett Collection

Later on the general direction of the film, Cronin feels there is “great potential” for the future and there are “three to four paths” they could take. “I think “Evil Dead Rises” is a bloody slash in a new direction, you know what I mean? It’s a universe opener, and I know it’s funny: People always want to label that , “sequel.” It’s definitely not a reboot. The best label or most obvious label is that it’s a sequel because it’s a continuing thing later on in the same timeline as the stories that happened before. A direct reference to Not because it’s a whole new set of characters, but I just basically wanted to open up that universe.

Club spoke to Bruce Campbell who played Ash Williams and is the only character to appear in all five films. He does the voiceover of the incantation on a recording from 1923 that eventually summons the spirit. He confirmed that he does not want to star in the Evil Dead series again. “not on your life. This is a rearview mirror scenario. It’s time for the next generation because you need young, flexible people who can handle the long, grueling hours and excessive makeup—and I have. that is the box so checked You can’t even imagine. So now, as a producer, our job is to surround these new actors, directors and writers with the best crew. [Producer] Rob Tapert took care of it in Auckland, New Zealand, and Lee Cronin had a good crew of his own that we’ve used for 20 years. So with all of these people, we’ve surrounded Lee with the best of the best and he has risen to the occasion. I thought he did a good job. I think it’s a great movie that really deserved a theatrical release since it was originally slated for streaming.

Though he doesn’t want to star in films as his iconic character, he is happily taking the reins as a producer and doing anything for newcomers. “It’s all about support, because they’re really entering a strange world, and you want them to feel comfortable. I’m sure Lee had his own relationship with these actors. But as a producer I. Our job is not to be a torturer. We are a savior.

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