Inside The Bachelor’s Carly Waddell’s Dating Life After Evan Divorce

Rose for one! carly waddell He found out about her dating life – and how hard she’s trying to meet a new man – after breaking up with evan bass,

“I have this fantasy that one day I’m going to hang out and I’m going to meet this, like, amazing guy and he’s going to wow me,” Waddell, 37, said specifically. us weekly on the “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast. “It’s on my mind. I’m revealing it to myself.

The “Your Friends Like Me More” singer, who announced her divorce from Bass, 40, in December 2020, admitted she hasn’t really started seeing other people.

When it comes to dating apps, the Texas native explains We, “I don’t know I’m not ready or I don’t have the time or the energy. I’m not quite sure what my reasoning is.

Carly Waddell Hasn't Started Dating After Evan Bass' Divorce
Courtesy of Carly Waddell / Instagram

Single The alum, who began releasing new music in May, explained that she has been “concentrating on putting all these things together” for the past two years — which includes juggling her and Bass’ two children — that her Don’t have time to go out of town. (The estranged couple has daughter Bella, 5, and son Charlie, 3. Bass also has three sons from a previous relationship.)

“I could get a babysitter, but I just don’t care,” Waddell told We, revealing that she has young children 80 percent of the time. “Maybe when someone comes into my life, I’ll start caring. But right now, I don’t know. whatever. I’m good alone I’m doing really well.

TV personality who met her husband in season 3 bachelor in paradise In 2016, further explained that she is “terrified” about rekindling her life with a new man.

“We have so many good things going on now that someone is taking a step and like that, changing the way we do life really bothers me a little bit,” she said. “I don’t know how comfortable I am with that idea.”

While Waddell isn’t jumping into a new romance just yet, she seems to be happy with her and Bass’ relationship these days. The pair, who were married for three years before calling it quits, are comfortable with their co-parenting schedule.

“They go there every other weekend. And I remember at first I was like, ‘Oh my god, like, what are they doing there?’ But now I’m just like, ‘She’s got it,’ reveals the ‘Dream Train’ singer We, “If there’s ever a problem, like an illness or something, we talk about it and we solve it. But it’s not a problem. It’s very simple.”

The Bachelor Nation star’s new balance with her Tennessee origins has also given her more time to work on her music. Waddell released “Your Friends Like Me More” on Monday, May 1, and would go on to drop five more tracks over the new few months. (The second song, “Two Little Angels,” arrives Friday, May 12.)

“It’s done like, [a] for the third child [me] Last two and a half years,” she said of the EP. “I’m so excited. Its [a] super funny I actually have a bunch of fun – I call them female empowerment, fun songs.

The artist called her first new song “Bombshell”, noting that “it’s so fun” and “super relatable”. Waddell, however, insisted that the tune is not about the bass, despite their recent breakup.

“Not me Taylor Swiftthe former reality told We With laughter “It’s not about Evan! People can interpret as they want – they’re going to do it anyway.