‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny’ Earns $6 Million on Thursday – Deadline

Unique: Disney/Lucasfilm Indiana ZoneS and the dial of fate Posting an estimated $6 million-$7.5 million Thursday night per source, comps remain past the old Slant action.

We’re specifically referring to the Thursday night debut no time to die which grossed $6.3M (starts 4 p.m.) on its $55.2M opening weekend and 2018’s first Mission: Impossible – Fallout which made another $6 million before opening its $61.2 million weekend. dial of fatewhose preview started at 3 pm tonight is expected to earn well between $60M-$65M At 4,500 theaters, it marked the second-highest stateside opening for the Steven Spielberg-George Lucas-produced franchise after 2008. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull which posted a 5-day opening of $151.9 million, a 3-day opening of $100.1 million. crystal skull It had no previews, but opened to a grand total of $25M in 4,260 theaters on the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend.

Why aren’t the weekend estimates up to the same level as the previous chapter? It is two-sided: one part of it is related to indie Its Cannes world premiere is getting 66% the worst reviews ever, but at the same time, its audience is waning and on par with the 007 franchise. you can’t say that Objective, impossible Getting old now because that movie makes for a great start to a franchise dead reckoning $100 million in 5 days starting July 12; she’s hoping to catch the sequel one Top Gun: Maverick Halo effect.

What is social media saying about dial of fate, RelishMix reports, “The chatter continues indy 5 Mixed-to-positive reception with fans thinking ‘this will be a masterpiece, packed with heart-pounding action’ and Ford as Indy with praise for John Williams’ historic contribution and career Will be remembered as one of the best heroes of all time. Plus, there’s excitement with James Mangold in the lead as fans talk about his life in the 39-year franchise and wish there were more episodes. The hecklers are critiquing everything from the story, the throwback elements, and clichéd comments about the sequel, but they’re nowhere near as loud as the fans of the franchise.

to the world of social media dial of fate 296.4 million views across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube,” cross-promoted primarily on Lucas channels and on several Disney movie channels with brand tie-in spots integrated neatly into the push says RelishMix. that figure is up Controversyhas an SMU of 234M, but is well below no time to die (692.5m), Top Gun: Maverick (401M), and hobbs and shaw (961.4m).

no time to dieWhereas, Thursday previews made 27% of its $23.3 million on the first Friday. ControversyThe preview recouped 26% of its $22.8 million on Friday. indie Of course, there will be extra space on Monday and Tuesday during the extended holiday, although July 4th is always a weak day for movie watching. no time to die released in October 2021, attracted 64% of the population, 57% over 35, and Controversy This included 58% men, 41% in the demo over the age of 25, and 17% under 25. crystal skull Those over the age of 25 make up 66%, and a third of its audience consists of children under 12 and parents.

dial of fate Its theater sector will have an exhibition repertoire of 400 IMAX auditoriums, 900 PLF screens, 280 D-Box theaters and 85 screen X Hubs.

logan Filmmaker James Mangold took over directing the finale from longtime franchise architect Spielberg. In this latest installment, Indy teams up with her granddaughter Phoebe Waller-Bridge in search of a device that, as Cher always sang, can ‘turn back time.’ If you think indie is old crystal skullDue to the action taking place in 1969, he is even older here. That said, he’s still dealing with Nazis, one of them played by Mads Mikkelsen.