Idris Elba Turns Down Potentially Playing James Bond After “It Becomes About Race” – Deadline

Idris Elba is one of those recurring names fans suggest when the subject of James Bond comes up. After Daniel Craig’s final role as a British secret agent no time to dieAlba was eager to potentially take on the role.

however, in spite of Luther The star initially felt “very appreciative” about playing 007, but was dismayed by the racist backlash.

“The truth is that I have been very apprehensive about this for a long time. I was like, ‘This is crazy!’ Because James Bond… we’re all actors and we understand that role. it’s one of those iconic [roles]Alba said during an appearance smartless podcast. “Being asked to be James Bond was like, ‘Well, you’ve kind of peaked.'”

Alba acknowledged that because of the character’s worldwide fame, the conversation about choosing the next Bond was “one of those things the whole world has to vote on.”

Elba said, “Essentially, it was a huge compliment that except for a few corners that we won’t talk about, every corner of the world was really happy with the idea that my name could be considered.” “People who were not happy with the idea made the whole thing disgusting and offensive because it had become about race. It turned out to be rubbish and I had to pay for it.”

Earlier this year the actor had told Esquire UK He was no longer describing himself as a black actor “when I realized it put me in a box. We have to move. we have to. Our skin is nothing more than this: it is just skin. rant over.”

He would later clarify his statement on social media Tweet: “There is not a soul on this earth that can question whether I consider myself a black man or not. Being an ‘actor’ is a profession, like being an ‘architect’, they are not defined by race. However, if you define your work by your caste, then it is your prerogative. Ah lie?”