Ice-T Goes Differently W/ Fatherhood To Youngest Child

Ice-T recently addressed the matter during an appearance. that moment with daymond john,

During the sit-down, Ice-T explained how he’s more of a hands-on parent at this stage of his life.

“I think the difference [between] Chanel and I have other children that I am very conscious about this child.”

Ice-T then explained some of the circumstances behind this observation.

“I took [older] Daughter when I was in high school. I was ripin’ and running. So, it was presented on the appearance. I was not there.

He also noted that his son was born right around the time he was starting to become famous, which caused him to be “distracted”.

When it comes to the channel, though, Ice-T is just at the point where he can “cruise” and really enjoy family moments.

“I’m comfortable — I’m in a cruise pattern. I was there when Coco was pregnant. I went to the hospital, and Chanel still sleeps in the bed with us.”

He wrapped carefully, “So, I am much more attached to him than to my other kids. But it is a beautiful thing.