Ice Spice reflects on experiences that influenced his rap career

Taking it back to his pre-fame days, the 23-year-old rapper begins by recalling how he used to be bullied. “Having a deeper voice than a lot of girls.”

She also shared that – years ago she captivated fans with the lines “How can I lose when I’m already chosen?”-The boys at her school were copying her because they found her vibe “so fun”.

“Growing up, I remember having a deeper voice than a lot of girls, and boys would try to make fun of me. I remember being in school and people imitating me, trying to talk like me. Been trying, or saying s**t shall I say and thinking it’s pretty funny.

However, the artist added that he eventually learned to use his humour. [her] Profit.” As a result, she’s found herself in a career that values ​​her uniqueness, which makes her “happy.”

“It was a year of just listening and accepting it and then finding fun with it and then ultimately using it to my advantage. I am just happy that I have got my career based on how I speak and what I say.