How many kids does Melissa McCarthy have?

Vivian was promoted to big sister on March 22, 2010, due to the arrival of little sister Georgette. While Georgie also made a cameo in “The Boss,” McCarthy thinks she has a bright future as a stunt double — so much so, she bought Georgie a baby stunt vest.

“Well, for your 10-year-old, I got her a Hong Kong harness,” McCarthy said of her youngest’s birthday present during an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” “It’s what you use. It’s a stunt harness, the one you wear if you’re being jerked or if you’re in a fight scene. Or if you’re in an explosion in a movie, it lets you Will pull back. And that’s exactly what she wanted.

Georgette also practices the violin. In 2021, McCarthy told DeGeneres that Georgie was learning Japanese and had a passion for anime. “She’s so in the anime, she’ll just go up, and we’re about to go to school, and she comes down, and there’s a whole band of yellow [from eye to eye]And she’s like ‘I’m ready for school,'” McCarthy said on the show.