How many kids does chris hemsworth have?

Hemsworth and Pataky’s first child, India Rose, was born on May 11, 2012. The couple had a special reason behind their daughter’s name, with the actor revealing to USA Today in 2012, “We love the country and love the name.”

From day one, Hemsworth has been an enthusiastic girl dad and has cited his mother as an influence on his thoughts about fatherhood. “Coming from a family of three boys, my mom was very much a feminist. When we called each other ‘girls,’ she’d say, ‘What’s wrong with a girl?’ Girls can be strong and you have to respect that,” she told the outlet.

While not much is known about India’s interests and personality, Hemsworth and Pataki have shared snippets of life with their daughter on Instagram that give a little insight into what she’s like. Like her parents, as it turns out, India enjoys the outdoors and lots of fun, physical activities. In July 2021, Hemsworth posted a video of India skateboarding in a hilly park, and in April, Pataki shared a bunch of pictures of India and himself participating in a riding competition. “She’s going to be so much better than me in a blink of an eye! It’s been so much fun sharing all these moments with you!” Pataki wrote in the caption.

Apart from the uniquely fun activities it does with its people, India also helps in making the world more eco-friendly. “When my daughter picks up a bit of plastic at the beach, she says, ‘Yeah, it kills animals. Doesn’t it, Dad?'” Hemsworth told GQ Australia in 2018. “This generation is where we’re about to see real change and that’s exciting.”