How many kids do Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson have?

According to People, Turner-Smith and Joshua first met in 2018 at Usher’s 40th birthday party. Their relationship reportedly began as a “one-night stand”, but they soon fell head over heels for each other and began dating. Then, just over a year after they first became engaged, the Daily Mail reported in August 2019 that the couple had been spotted in Beverly Hills with what appeared to be a marriage license. That December, Us Weekly confirmed that the pair had married and were expecting their first child together.

In March 2020, Turner-Smith announced on Instagram that she and Joshua had a baby girl, who was due in a few weeks. Jenny was born that April, and the new mother later told British Vogue in August 2020 that she delivered her baby at the couple’s Los Angeles home. “Sometimes I wonder how I will explain to my daughter what it means to be born in the year 2020,” she said. “Historical events, social unrest, and me — a new mom just trying to do my best. I think I’ll tell her it was like the world stopped for her to be born. And hopefully, it has never been quite the same before.”

Joshua opened up about becoming a father for the first time in July 2021 in an interview with SiriusXM. “She’s a little bundle of joy every day,” he said of Jennie, adding that becoming a father has taught him that “all the clichés” about fatherhood are true. “They’re like, ‘Oh, you’ll never experience love like this again.’ This is true. and ‘When they first come you think you love them, but you have no idea how deep it gets all the time.’ that is very true.”

While Turner-Smith didn’t initially think that being a mother was something she wanted, she realized she “loved”[s]”Being a parent. “It’s honestly one of the greatest things I could ask for,” she told People in October 2021. “It’s taking a lot [care] someone else’s But I think caring for someone or something is good because it really helps us to be better people. Whether you have a dog or a fish or a child, I think just having a consciousness of caring for someone and not being so self-centred and self-oriented is really helpful for our world view.”

She also opened up about her daughter in an interview with Elle UK on March 27. “I love this little girl so much. She’s so much fun,” she said, before being clear about how she would try to raise her daughter as normal a childhood as possible. “Preparing kids for the world is a big job,” she said. “The best thing we can do is let them touch the earth and be grounded and real — as real as can be when you have the level of privilege that my child apparently has.”