How many Dungeons & Dragons post-credits scenes are there? honor among thieves

spoilers ahead Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, It’s a trend started by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but carried down through almost every action-adventure film in Hollywood. So, if you’re planning on seeing your favorite RPG in film adaptation, here are how many Dungeons & Dragons post credits scenes honor among thieves,

D&D, commonly referred to as Dungeons & Dragons, is a tabletop fantasy role-playing game first released in 1974. It allows players to create their own character to embark on adventures with friends in a fantasy setting – so magic and mythical creatures abound. Firmly entrenched in geek culture for decades, D&D enjoyed mainstream popularity during the COVID-19 lockdown; Even CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and comedian Tiffany Haddish became fans.

Now, the game has been adapted into a feature-length film with an all-star cast including Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Reggae-Jean Page, Justice Smith, Sophia Lillis, and Hugh Grant. If you want to know if you need to hang out at the cinema (or stay glued to your couch, for that matter) after the movie ends.

How many? Dungeons & Dragons Are there post credits scenes?

How many? Dungeons & Dragons Are there post credits scenes? There’s only one and it’s a mid-credits scene which means you don’t have to stick around for the entire credits to roll. While Marvel usually used this time to tease what was to come next in future movies Dungeons & Dragons The mid-credits scene is just payoff for a joke that was introduced earlier in the film. It’s a lot of fun and it’s worth a visit, but we’re not going to spoil it for you.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. Image: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures / Everett Collection

there a Dungeons & Dragons sequel?

there a Dungeons & Dragons sequel? Nothing has been announced at this stage but we know the studio is behind honor among thieves D&D is developing more content within the Cinematic Universe, similar to the MCU or DC Comics Connected Universe.

Indeed, the cast certainly believes there are nearly infinite possibilities for future franchises. “I don’t think there’s a limit to these stories,” Rege-Gene Page told Yahoo UK in an interview published on March 30, 2023. Dungeons & Dragons It’s that it’s about limitless, boundless imagination that only has the edge where your mind does. Any story you want to tell; We can find a place for.

Michelle Rodriguez also sees a lot of potential. “What I find interesting is that everyone’s different Dungeons & Dragons The areas are connected by portals,” she also told Yahoo UK. “You can go from the map we played in, which is based on a real map, which is a medieval structure, to steampunk to cyberpunk to all these different- Different maps have been made.”

Although the film’s directors, Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, were a bit more cautious in estimating. Goldstein said, “We were very careful not to take it as one out of five.” “Our producer, Jeremy Latcham, likes to remind us what Kevin Feige told him when they were making iron Man, which was, ‘Let’s make a good movie, forget about a sequel. There is no sequel unless you make it great. And that’s really what we focused on. We weren’t planting seeds or little threads to pick up later.”

Daley said: “It’s a serious mistake that studios often make when they’re trying to create franchises where they put the cart before the horse and they think, ‘How do I build this cinematic universe,'” And that’s often to the detriment of that first film… for us it was, ‘Let’s put everything we’ve got into this film, make something we’re really proud of, and then let fate decide. Let what happens after that.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. Image: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures / The Everett Collection

Is Dungeons & Dragons Good?

Is Dungeons & Dragons Good? According to all the reviews that came out on March 30, 2023, a day before the film reached the theatres, there was a lot of positivity. Club wrote: “Chris Pine, Hollywood’s finest Chris, is in terrific form as dopey bard-adventurer Edgin Darvis, leader of a clan of delightful thieves. By his side, Holga (Michelle Rodriguez) is a kickass savage. We meet him already in jail after a failed robbery attempt. They’re not bad guys, but they could (and will get!) use a moral course correction during the course of the movie! Along the way, they’re a Team up with a wizard (Justice Smith) and a druid (Sophia Lillis, who floats in the heart of every young nerd), and face a variety of scoundrels, wizards, paladins, undead warriors, fat dragons, displaced beasts, illiterate does, mimics, and lurks.

Meanwhile, The Verge wrote: “For those who don’t follow the game, honor among thieves Still totally enjoyable because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Yes, it’s a little funny and self-aware, but it’s not pretentious about it. if anything, honor among thieves is shamelessly camp, vibing close to the likes shrek And the Princess Bride Compared to your typical hardcore action-adventure movie. It’s a reminder that the fantasy genre is still allowed to be goofy. There’s certainly nothing wrong with enjoying intellectual fantasy, but there’s also nothing wrong with watching Daley and Goldstein Teathat galaxy Bumblebee is a breath of fresh air all around with well-suited zombies and obscenely ticklish dragons.

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