How King Charles’s coronation changed Harry’s dynamic with the family

A royal farewell? King Charles IIIthe coronation marked another change prince harry And meghan markleAccording to a royal expert, his relationship with the family.

The incident was “the beginning of the end of the Sussexes’ interactions with the royal family”, according to True Royalty TV editor-in-chief Nick Bullen specifically mentioned us weekly On Tuesday, May 9th.

During the coronation, which took place on Saturday 6 May, “it felt like a sidebar to it all that Harry and Meghan were there,” Bullen explained, adding that the ceremony was “absolutely history”. [and signified] Future.”


King Charles. Hugo Bernand / Royal Household / shutterstock

Harry, 38, attended the event without Meghan, 41, who chose to remain in the US for the occasion – which coincided with their son Archie’s 4th birthday. The prince, who also has 23-month-old daughter Lily Suit The alum was seen seated in the third row of Westminster Abbey. He was not seen interacting with Raja, 74, or his brother, Prince Williamduring the ceremony.

Bullen said: “It felt like the family had put a line in the ground and [said]’Okay, we’re on our way.'”

When it comes to Harry, who flew alone to the UK to celebrate the moment of his father’s coronation, the expert said, “There seems to be no reason for him to be back in London anytime soon,” pointing out However, there do not appear to be any upcoming royal events in London that would require his presence. As for Meghan, Bullen believes the Duchess of Sussex is “showing no interest in coming back”.

Harry and Meghan’s relationship with the royal family has been strained since they stepped down from their positions as senior members of the Sussexes in 2020. Once they moved to California later that year, tensions escalated.

After the Invictus Games founder released his memoir, ExcessiveIn January – detailing his ups and downs with his father and his brother, William – there was speculation he might not travel abroad for the coronation.


Prince Harry, Meghan Markle. Facundo Arizbalaga / EPA-EFE / shutterstock

Harry, however, arrived in the UK on Friday, May 5, to support the monarch, who will ascend to the throne in September 2022 following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. During the coronation, the former military pilot was seated near his cousins ​​and did not appear to be spending time with his 40-year-old brother.

body language specialist traci brown specifically mentioned We On Saturday it appeared Harry was “trying to protect himself” based on his guarded movements.

“He hasn’t changed his mindset [toward the family] Everything I’ve seen,” Brown explained while looking at the photos, tucking his hand under Harry’s vest during his arrival at Westminster Abbey. “He’s on the same page he’s always been. I don’t see any improvement.

Meanwhile, Harry was seen smiling and chatting with his aunt in the church. princess anne and cousins princess beatrice And princess eugenieHe had little time with his family.

We confirmed on Saturday that the Duke of Sussex left for London’s Heathrow Airport after the ceremony and did not attend any follow-up events.

With reporting by Cristina Garibaldi