Herschel Walker Ga. Campaign to spend over $1 million in 2023

In politics, candidates always win and lose elections. And regardless of the outcome, a lot of money is left over from the money that was raised during the campaign. But, herschel walker Was never like any other political candidate. He was just a “country boy” who wasn’t “that smart”, remember? Well, he’s still proving just how “inefficient” he is with the way his campaign is spending this year – over $1 million in just a few months.

The idea of ​​Walker as a politician was always a bit of a joke. What happened in the defeat is the punchline.

According to Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionWalker’s campaign spent more than a million dollars on what in January, February and March feels like Comebacks and Old Favors.

Here’s a breakdown of the money:

• Horatio Elgar Association — $250,000. walker received an award from him in 2022 and is now listed as a “eagle flightA donor who has given at least $250,000.

• National Republican Senatorial Committee – $100,000.

• Victory Junction Children’s Camp — $75,000.

• Herschel 34 and Johnson County Class of 1980 — $50,000.

• Boys & Girls Clubs (multiple locations) — $40,000.

• Casson Theological Institute — $15,000.

• Riley Gaines Barker (media consulting and production) – $1,500.

money to blow – even in defeat

According to the report, Walker had more than $4.3 million in cash after losing in the December runoff with Democratic US Sen. Raphael Warnock. The site participated in chronicling Walker’s “doubles” in politics from day one, as he was deemed Deadspin’s Idiot of the Year above countless wild and inflammatory public statements He kept on making

“So what do we do, we’re going to put millions or billions of dollars from the ‘Green New Deal’ into cleaning up our nice air. So all of a sudden China and India are putting nothing in there — cleaning up that situation.” been. So with that bad air, it’s still there. But since we don’t control the air, our good air decides to float to China, the bad air. So when China gets our good air His bad air starts blowing. So it goes into our good airspace. And now we have to clean that back up,” he once said.

Between the frequent gaffes he made while running for office and the money we know he raised — and is still left with — it’s easy to see how dangerous Walker was as a candidate, as he was a danger to society, Walker was representative of how dirty the Republican Party would play – there’s no crypt with them. Their lack of civic awareness, let alone a political background, indicates how the GOP will do anything to gain power and maintain privilege.

“I think a lot of Republicans are hoping that we’ll be pleasantly surprised, but there “There aren’t a lot of signs on the grounds,” said Jason Shepherd, former Cobb County GOP chair. told Politico Last year about Walker’s prospects before Election Day. “Great hope and faith in things unseen. It is the Christmas season, after all.

Walker’s absence from the public eye correlates with his non-existence from the spotlight, before he was chosen as the GOP’s black puppet in a crucial race in which his opponent was a distinguished and polished incumbent who had a history of Georgia. I was the first black senator. The fact that a runoff election was needed to end Walker’s political career was shocking to some. But the scary realization is that all he has is the money left over from his campaign. If people are willing to give millions to fund someone like Herschel Walker, then the next former athlete Republicans think can win elections/popularity contests will get even higher.