Guardians fans keep asking one major Bo Naylor question

Bo Naylor #44 of the Cleveland Guardians strikes out a fly ball to end the sixth inning against the Kansas City Royals at Progressive Field on October 03, 2022 in Cleveland, Ohio.
(Photo by Jason Miller / Getty Images)

The Cleveland Guardians may use any offensive contributor (or reliable contributor) available in the organization.

They haven’t been very good at scoring a lot of runs, and the numbers back it up.

Their MLB catchers have struggled to get anything to the plate with any semblance of reliability.

However, in Triple-A, they have a potentially game-changing catcher and hitter in Bo Naylor.

Josh’s brother is proving once again that he can handle Triple-A pitching.

Will he get a chance to prove himself in the Bigs?

We don’t know, but he very much deserves an extension shot.

“Guardians prospect Bo Naylor with his 13th HR of the year. He has a .261 BA, .916 OPS and 47 BB to 52 K in AAA. Mike Zunino = 137 PA, .182 BA, .591 OPS, -0.1 WAR . Cam Gallagher = 77 PA, .137 BA, 333 OPS, -0.4 WAR. David Frye = 18 PA, .118 BA, .284 OPS, -0.2 WAR,” Prospect Larceny tweeted.

Yes, it is true that the Guard has a lot of resources in Mike Zunino.

However, if they want to significantly improve on their 31-35 record, they need to stop shooting themselves in the foot and call on the younger Naylor.

It was actually his second consecutive successful stint at Triple-A.

Last year, he slashed .257/.366/.514 in 66 games there.

In 2023, he is .256/.393/.507 in 58 games.

Even in Triple-A, he slashed his strikeout rate from 25.9 percent last year to 19.8 percent this season.

In other words, he has gotten better and is more equipped to deal with MLB pitching.

He’s ready for a major role in MLB once he’s at Guardian.

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