Glorilla tries to embrace her voice and cherish the moment

glorilla She’s talking candidly about how she embraced her trademark voice with no regrets, as well as how she realized she needed to slow down and smell the roses instead of focusing only on the future.

Glorilla admits she was “ashamed” of her iconic voice at first

The “Tomorrow 2” rapper discussed the topics during a recent meeting with Elle and she admitted that initially her voice “Ashamed” him, as Glo “Wanted to look like a girl.”

“When I first came out rapping, I was trying to look like a little girl. I was saying some tough shit, but in just a little girlish voice. I was trying to change my voice because my voice is naturally deep. I was a little embarrassed because I wanted to look like a girl.

However, when 2021 arrived, Glorilla “changed her sound” and allowed her voice to “get deeper and deeper” on her tracks.

“That’s when I changed my voice for the first time. That was the year my voice started getting deeper.”

This sentiment echoes previous commentary provided by him on the matter. During a sit-down with The Cut in January 2023, Glo recalled that her voice “creaked” when she attempted to “sound like a girl” when starting a rap game.

After some friends called her out on it, Glorilla decided, “Let me just emphasize what I’m already hearing, just add a little more sauce to it.”

Additionally, when Twitter users pointed out how deep her voice sounded in “Blessed”, Glo jokingly declared, “My voice is so deep because my p***y is so good.”

The rapper values ​​her hard work and current achievements

In addition to adopting her “naturally deep voice”, Glorilla also spoke on an important lesson she learned about cherishing her blessings and “not focusing so much”. [the] Future.”

“The starting prize was to reach where I am now. My friend and I recently had a conversation about how we are so focused on our future – what else can we do to be better than what we are doing now? We forget that we’ve got what we’ve got [always] prayed for.”

Although GLOW is all about living in the moment and enjoying the fruits of her labor, she’s also giving fans a preview of what to expect from her next project.

especially since she was “on” [her] hood fuck while recording her Anyway, life is great… EP, she plans to use “different sounds” on her upcoming album. However, she assures fans that she will “be still” [be] Raw and uncut.”

“This [new album] It will still be me, still raw and uncut. But I only know what it’s like to be here [experimenting with] various sounds. Because I had my hood on the whole time.

Glorilla said, “Going around it, it’s not just hard for me. I’m getting a few different voices on this.