From Studio Tour to Protesters in LA – Deadline

This is the 11th day of the SAG-AFTRA strike and the 84th day of the WGA strike.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was seen joining picket lines in front on Monday warner bros discovery In New York, a mother and son became striking protesters on Monday as both actors and writers picketed in front of of great quality in Los Angeles.

The pair — Carol, came to town from Vermont to visit her son Graham, who attends USC — arrived at Melrose Avenue for a guided tour of the studios. But when he arrived he saw picket signs from SAG-AFTRA and the Writers Guild, both unions on strike against the Motion Picture and Television Producers Alliance over new film and TV contracts.

As the tour was about to begin, the guides asked the two to enter, but they refused to cross the picket line – and instead held up the signs.

As the sit-in ended that afternoon, her story was shouted out by WGA organizers.

Jack Black was among the other strikers seen at Paramount today.

Jack Black is seen walking with SAG-AFTRA and WGA members outside the Paramount on July 24, 2023 in Los Angeles

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But Fox Studios In Century City, Clark Gregg was among the more than 100 picketing protesters, who as a member of both groups has been pleased to see “the palpable solidarity and passion” between SAG-AFTRA and the WGA.

In terms of the most troubling issues affecting the issue, Gregg pointed to “a very current American phenomenon” that sees companies give undue attention to “hedge fund institutional shareholders” rather than “their audience.” He also acknowledged that companies find themselves in a “difficult moment” as they are “forced to figure out their own monetization.”

The actor, known for his work in various Marvel projects, also addressed the growing threat of AI. “I am open to new technologies. I’m often excited by them, but you can’t turn me into a megabyte of information you can access whenever you want,” Greg said. “That’s not the nature of a partnership with an artist.”

fox was also on hand this is us star John Huertas, who pointed to systemic issues with residuals, to the extent that “some shows have series regulars … who barely make middle-class salaries.” Among the issues that were top of mind for the actor were the limited respect he feels background artists often get, and the need for financial security that he, like many other actors, needs. “I really feel that one of the most important components of any production is the backdrop. That’s how we create a world and make it feel real,” Huertas said. “It seems to me that these are people who earn wages sometimes below the poverty line, especially in a city like LA where the cost of living is so high. That’s why I have seen people questioning what they are doing in life.”

Showrunner Shawn Ryan Participates in Themed Strike Day Celebrating His FX Series shield And untimelyHe alluded to the ways in which the so-called “efficiency” in the writers’ room actually made the process and the final product worse, highlighting the fact that they have used their authority with the studios to maintain old-school ways of doing business.

But Netflix In Los Angeles, strike lines included schitt’s creek Former students Jennifer Robertson, Patrick Fischler and Joe Bustamante explained that they have worked on five productions since September, but “I sleep in my car and go to the local gym to shower so I can be ready for eight to 12-hour days on set.” He is particularly concerned about AI:

Protesters at the streamer’s LA location today also saw the cast and crew of the Netflix drama queen of the southWith series star Yancy Arias.

In New York, Sandra Bernhard also joined in and described the strike action as part of a larger “tipping” of the world “environmentally and politically”.