Former BYU star Jimmer Fredette still leads the jumpers

jimmer fredet from afar

Former BYU and Shanghai Sharks star jimmer fredet Will wear red, white and blue this summer. Fredette Is a member of the United States men’s 3×3 team. That team will attempt to win the gold medal at the FIBA ​​3×3 World Championship. The tournament began on 30 May, and a champion would be crowned on 4 June.

Fredette is 34 years old, and last played professionally in China during the 2020-21 season. From the highlights though, it appears the sharpshooter who honed his game playing against inmates at a prison in upstate New York There’s still enough game left for Flummox defenders around the world.

He joined the men’s 3×3 team in 2022. In November, the men won the America’s Cup against Puerto Rico. Fredette Hit the winning shot. Being that the games are played playground style—not in the spirit of the dog whistle first team to 21 points wins—traditional basketball statistics can’t really quantify his performance. Nor has John Hollinger invented an advanced analytic for this style of play.

The only way to know if Fredette is lighting up opposing defenders is to catch or watch the highlight reels afterwards. live stream of the tournament on YouTube. Their next game is at 1:20 PM EST when the men take over Slovenia.

It’s been 12 years since Fredette and Kawhi Leonard faced off in one of the most highly anticipated regular season men’s college basketball games of the decade. The game in which Kawhi Leonard burst onto the national scene by being voted Full Court Final Player of the Year. BYU defeated San Diego State that afternoon, and Fredette scored 25 points while going 4-of-20.,8 from the 3-point line. However, those were the only four shots he made that afternoon as Leonard held him to 34.8 percent shooting from the field. Fredette turned the ball over four times in that game.

Fredette’s star burned out as soon as he reached the NBA

He was selected for overall 10th milwaukee bucks in the 2011 NBA Draft. he was traded sacramento kings And was a good player for two seasons and turned around before being traded again, but he won’t be the shooter that revolutionizes the game. That player would be Stephen Curry, who was drafted two seasons before him. Fredette’s release is not as quick as Curry’s and he measured two inches shorter than Curry at the NBA Draft Combine.

Although it is good to see him on the court again, especially in the American uniform. Fredette had a historic college basketball career. He Played Four Years At BYU And Won Enough Awards To Fill A U-Haul,

Watch the highlights kids. Fredette was a monster. For those of us who remember, we get to experience nostalgia now, and maybe next summer at the Olympics in Paris.