Fans react to what Karl-Anthony Towns said about his legacy

Karl-Anthony Towns #32 of the NBA Minnesota Timberwolves celebrates after scoring during the 4th quarter against the Cleveland Cavaliers at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse on February 28, 2022 in Cleveland, Ohio.  The Timberwolves defeated the Cavaliers 127–122.
(Photo by Jason Miller / Getty Images)

Not long ago, teams were literally tanking to try to get Karl-Anthony Towns in the NBA draft.

Fast forward to today, and he might not even be a part of the “best big man in the league” debate anymore.

However, Townes was always very confident in his game, and he always had nothing but hot takes and nice things to say about himself.

First, he said he was the greatest shooter of all time, and now he’s reiterated that statement by saying that some would say he changed the game once all was said and done.

Needless to say, fans had a lot to say about it – though none of them really agreed with that take.

Cities seem to have gotten away with it.

He has averaged a double-double for his career and is a solid scorer and rebounder, posting All-Star-caliber numbers year after year; No one can deny this.

But that hasn’t changed the game one bit.

He’s not the first big man to go to the perimeter and shoot the three, nor is he the best ever, and that’s okay.

He’s a very good player who could be a typical second option on a competitive team, and he could also set all kinds of marks in Timberwolves history – though most fans would still pick Kevin Garnett over him – but he played Has not changed.

Karl-Anthony Townes Made a Bold Statement About His Legacy