Fans React To What Dwayne Johnson Had To Say About The XFL

XFL owner Dwayne Johnson stands on the field prior to the game between the Arlington Renegades and the Vegas Vipers at Choctaw Stadium on February 18, 2023 in Arlington, Texas.
(Photo by Sam Hodde / Getty Images)

The XFL is starting to grow more and more.

One reason for the league’s success is its owner, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Many know him as an actor and A-list celebrity, but he also played college football in Miami.

Johnson wanted to give all players a chance to chase their dreams, so he bought the XFL.

So far this season, the XFL has been a huge hit.

Johnson also mentioned how Sunday’s DC Defenders vs. Arlington Renegades games sold out.

Nearly every American loves football, and the XFL is the place to go for spring football.

Even though most fans don’t know many of the players, they still perform well.

Plus, the game matters to each player.

They want to play well and show NFL scouts that they can play in the league.

For this game, Johnson talked about how he expected to see a beer snake.

Those involved in the game did not let him down.

If you love watching NFL football, then you should give XFL a chance.

The game is a bit different but still highly competitive.

Johnson has done a great job using his platform to increase the popularity of the XFL.

Many DC Defenders fans are thrilled that Washington DC has got a team.

They have a strong fan base and are a big reason for the sold out Sundays.

The XFL is trending upward and The Rock has to thank for that.

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