Fans react to what Darius Slay said about his contract status

Darius Slay #2 of the Philadelphia Eagles reacts prior to the NFC Championship Game against the San Francisco 49ers at Lincoln Financial Field on January 29, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
(Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

The Baltimore Ravens have been at the forefront of many conversations during the NFL off-season.

Lamar Jackson has yet to be signed by the team to a multi-year deal, which is the source of much controversy around the league.

Recently, a free agent revealed how close he was to joining the Ravens before re-signing with his current organization.

Darius Slay recently remarked that he was “almost, so close” to being a member of the Ravens.

Slay also commented that the Ravens “delivered exactly what I wanted.”

Because the Philadelphia Eagles offered him a similar contract, however, he remained on their roster.

After Slay made these comments, several Ravens fans made their feelings known about the situation.

As one fan points out, recently, several players have said that they were almost a Raven but decided to take their talents elsewhere.

While fans wait to hear how the Jackson situation unfolds, this near-acquisition is at the forefront of their minds.

In this fan’s mind, adding Slay to the Ravens’ defense would greatly benefit them, augmenting their already stellar defense.

While some fans have expressed their views on losing to Slay, others have targeted another status group.

The wide receiver position has been a hot-button topic for many Ravens fans, especially after getting rid of Marquis Brown.

In his eyes, the team is without a true alpha receiver, which limits Jackson’s ability to succeed as a passer.

As this fan noted, teams are willing to pay for defensive players but offer pennies on the dollar to get assists.

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