Fans react to JJ Reddick interviewing for Raptors HC position

JJ Reddick announces the game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Denver Nuggets at Ball Arena on October 26, 2022 in Denver, Colorado.
(Photo by Jamie Schwabero / Getty Images)

After a somewhat disappointing season, the Toronto Raptors agreed to part ways with coach Nick Nurse.

Analysts expected them to remodel their roster and trade away Pascal Siakam, Fred VanVleet, Gary Trent Jr., and even Ozzie Anunobi, but that was not the case.

So, now that it’s clear they have no intention of tanking and rebuilding, they’re looking at an interesting group of candidates to take over the reins of their project.

Notably, former NBA player JJ Reddick emerged as one of the possible candidates, and they’ve already conducted interviews with him about the position, apparently leading to some mixed reviews on social media.

On one hand, Reddick was a 15-year NBA veteran and has proven to be a knowledgeable and well-articulated individual through his podcasts and his appearances on ESPN.

On the other hand, he doesn’t have any coaching experience, so it would be a somewhat risky and strange choice.

Reddick wouldn’t be the first former player to get the chance to coach with no previous experience, and it could be argued that it hasn’t always turned out badly.

Plus, it’s not like there are a lot of options available right now, with Mark Jackson, Mike Budenholzer and Nate McMillan some of the most experienced potential candidates.

The Raptors have an interesting set of young assets and potential building blocks in Scottie Barnes, so he should be an attractive destination for every coach — Reddick included — so it could take some time before he makes a decision.

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