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No, it might not be a Joel moment before you get your hopes up. If you know, you know.

In fact, Druckmann discusses how Part II sees Joel sing a song for Ellie to bond with her and repair their now somewhat strained relationship. In the game, Joel sings Pearl Jam’s “Future Days”, but this may have to be changed, as the timelines will not match. Why? Because the song was released in 2013 and with its timeline last of us Making his apocalyptic debut in 2003, that song may have never even been released, and let’s face it, we had no idea Joel had any songwriting skills.

As Druckmann elaborated, “I can tell you we haven’t made a decision. We’ve talked about it for the exact reasons you mentioned, that there’s no way for Joel to know that song anymore.” Doesn’t make sense. Now, we can say, ‘Well, this is a parallel dimension and the song already came on.’ There’s a lot of ways, but it feels like a bit of a cheat. I would say that Pearl Jam is even more composed especially now in the world of ‘The Last of Us,’ that if we don’t do that song, even more There are songs we can play along to.”