Every Jennifer Lopez Song About Ben Affleck

A Complete Guide to Every Song Jennifer Lopez Has Written About Ben Affleck 354

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck. Matt Barron/BEI/Shutterstock

Jennifer Lopez She draws inspiration for her music from her love life — and ben affleck This has been their infatuation ever since their romance began.

The couple, who go by the name of Bennifer, began their whirlwind romance in 2002. Affleck and Lopez first linked up on the set of the film. Gigi Where they played the role of gangsters who fall in love. Following Lopez’s split from then-husband Chris Judd In June 2002, she and Affleck went public with their romance. Lopez and the Oscar winner were engaged five months later.

In addition to the milestones of their relationship in that first year, Lopez released her album it’s me… then, which he dedicated to Affleck at the time. The album includes some of Lopez’s biggest songs, including “Jenny From the Block,” “All I Have,” “Baby I Love You,” “I’m Glad” and more.

Nearly two decades after the album’s release, Lopez spoke of how meaningful the record was to her.

“When I heard that [album] On many, many different levels, those songs are more relevant today than they were,” he said in an interview with Apple Music in July 2021. “It was a real pure moment in time. And that music, when it matters, it never goes away… love, it never goes away. It’s just there.”

Despite initially being happy and in love, the couple eventually broke off their marriage in 2004. After their separation, Lopez married Marc Anthony, Affleck, for his part, stepped forward jennifer garner, Both the relationships ended in divorce.

Seven years after their breakup, Lopez and Affleck rekindled their romance. Affleck proposed a second time in April 2022. Three months later, the couple married in secret in Las Vegas and held a second ceremony for friends and family at Affleck’s Georgia home.

Lopez released the song “Midnight Trip to Vegas” in July 2023 to celebrate the couple’s first wedding anniversary. He shared the lyrics of the new song in a newsletter ahead of the official release of his album. this is me now Later in 2023.

Keep scrolling to see which of Lopez’s songs Affleck was inspired by:

A Complete Guide to Every Song Jennifer Lopez Has Written About Ben Affleck 353
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‘I’m happy’

Album: it’s me… then

Extraordinary Song: “I feel happy when I’m making love to you / I love the way you make me feel / I love it because you blow my mind / Every time I feel happy (I feel happy) When you walk by (I’m glad), you hold my hand (I’m glad) / I’m glad you know how to be human / I’m glad (I’m glad) you came into my life (I’m happy) / I’m very happy.

‘Baby I Love You’

Album: it’s me… then

Extraordinary Song: “All I want to know is this / Are you willing to try / There must be more to it / More than what it looks like / Baby, I love you (Baby, I need you) / Baby , I need you (Gotta have you, baby).”

A Complete Guide to Every Song Jennifer Lopez Wrote About Ben Affleck 355

‘Dear Ben’

Album: it’s me… then

Extraordinary Song: “I think God made you for me / A mix of passionate loyalties / Baby, you’re so perfect / I write this song to let you know / That you’ll always be with me / My lust, my love, my man, my child, my friend and my king.”

“Midnight Trip to Vegas”

Album: it’s me… then

Extraordinary Song: “The event of centuries / Imprisoned in the matrix / Then you whispered in my ear / Said let’s get out of here / We could disappear tonight,” she sings in the opening verse before launching into the chorus. “How about a midnight trip to Vegas / Just me and you baby / Get the kids in the backseat of a pink Cadillac.”