ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. Whispers Will Lewis

Adult Eddie Munster Was Wrong About The Other QB

Adult Eddie Munster Was Wrong About The Other QB
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Overreaching on the quarterback has become an annual tradition. Mitch Trubisky is going to exercise! Carson Wentz will be healthy! Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf? same thing! and this year, the projection for the former Kentucky quarterback Will Lewis No one was more wrong about the cream-and-sugar-in-the-coffee lover than longtime ESPN NFL Draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr., who projected Lewis to go No. 4 overall. . for the Indianapolis Colts. At one point, this meant that Lewis was pegged as the second best quarterback in the draft. Kiper joined Lewis in his top 10 entering Thursday’s first round.

Would Lewis like to eat banana peels… oh, and he can be cocky

There have been plenty of reasons for Lewis re-entering the Green Room at Kansas City’s Union Station on Friday night. Two main ones have stuck out, which makes me think that Kiper was not privy to evaluating quarterbacks who like to eat Kiper’s peel. Maybe they’re full of fiber? It’s still disgusting. The first reason is that I blame Kuiper less for raising it. According to ESPN colleague Pete Thamel, Lewis was cocky and a bit unlikable during the interview process with multiple teams. Second, and more importantly, Lewis was not good enough on tape. And it’s totally understandable if you actually look at the facts and don’t try to prop up some unqualified person.

There’s no doubt that Lewis has some great skills, but what exactly is it about him? What exactly did Kuiper see outside of arm strength? This is the classic take on probability where expectations don’t meet reality. Kiper has been Similar assessment of possibilities for NFL scouts and he’s been doing it longer than most, if not all, of them. How did he completely miss the boat on Lewis? Many teams could have traded back at the end of the first round and not done so, as the Ravens did for Lamar Jackson. And they all didn’t.

Lewis could be drafted in round 2

As round two begins tonight, Lewis likely won’t last long Compared to the first 10 pics. some team will take a flyer on him The deeper you go in the draft, the less likely you are to become a superstar anyway. Anyhow, Lewis can be seen great business capital In the middle of the season when the inevitable string of injuries to the quarterback occurs anyway.

Barring any trades that are guaranteed to happen, Lewis would fall no further than No. 41, where Tennessee would move him up 30 spots, as many on-air talents, including Kiper, thought he could be selected. There will also be 37 selections at number 41 where after colts select anthony richardson, the latest quarterback to be drafted. The misreading of Kuiper is hysterical and should have been easy to predict. When Lewis can’t consistently shut down Southeastern Conference defenses, what NFL team do you think would stake their future on him? Just another case of overreaching on the quarterback.