Erica Herman drops $30 million tenancy lawsuit against Tiger Woods

It appears like that Erica Herman won’t kick back Tiger Woods‘Mansion anytime soon. According to the New York Post, Herman has dropped his $30 million lawsuit against the golf champion and his estate.

The 39-year-old woman filed the lawsuit in 2022, claiming that Tiger and his property managers cheated her out of living in his Florida home. Erica Herman argued that they had an “oral tenancy agreement” that guaranteed her to live in Tiger’s home for five years following the breakup.

Instead, she says Tiger and his Jupiter Island Inductive Homestead TrussThe staff conspired to give him the boot. The lawsuit claimed that her employees informed her about the single’s “short break”. After arriving at the airport, Erica alleged that the staff told her that the relationship was over. He reportedly offered an arbitration offer and informed her that $40,000 of her cash had been “misappropriated”. His lawsuit claimed that Tiger Woods violated the Landlord Tenant Act.

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The New York Post reports that the trial was scheduled for August. However, a court document from June 29 reportedly shows that it was rescinded due to Erica’s dismissal.

Erika awaits appeal outcome on NDA lawsuit with Herman Woods

But the dismissed tenancy lawsuit isn’t the end of Tiger Woods’ legal battle with Erica Herman. In fact, the dismissal depends on the results of a second appeal filed in a separate suit.

“Plaintiff, Erica Herman, through her undersigned attorney, hereby dismisses without prejudice her complaint filed on October 26, 2022, pending resolution of the appeal in Herman v. Woods, and determines that her claims are subject to arbitration.” subject to or not.”

In March, Erica Herman filed court documents to void a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) she allegedly signed in 2017.

By May, an additional filing accused Tiger of sexually assaulting Harman. The filing claimed that Woods sexually assaulted Erica while she was working at his restaurant, The Woods Jupiter, in South Florida. Erica Herman claims Tiger Woods asked her to sign an NDA or be fired from his establishment.

However, Circuit Judge Elizabeth Metzger ruled that Herman must comply with the NDA due to the “vague and vague” allegations. The judge further said, Herman has got the opportunity [to] Provide factual specifics for any claims related to sexual harassment or sexual assault. However, he has not done so.

Shortly before the $30 million lawsuit was dismissed, Erica Herman filed a second appeal to void the NDA on the grounds of alleged sexual harassment. It means that the matter is still pending.