Ebony K. Williams defends comments on black men and mediocrity

Ebony K. Williams There is a crystal-clear message for those criticizing his recent remarks about the “fanaticism of low expectations” among black men: “I said what I said!”

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Williams doesn’t hold back: ‘Our culture needs this conversation’

Commentator on Thursday real housewives of new york city alum appeared breakfast club to address the situation.

After interpreting his comment and engaging back and forth Dj Envy Regarding the impact of her statements, Williams noted how she prioritizes facts over emotion.

“As much as I care about hurt feelings, I care about providing my people with facts and information that say the current way of life for the majority of Black Americans is not serving us.”

After reiterating that she was “going off data and facts,” she spoke on “the current state of Black America.”

“If you’re okay with the current state of Black America, we [have] Lowest income, lowest home ownership, least educated group, so be it.

He added, “I’m not okay with that, which is why I said what I said about addressing the bigotry of low expectations.”

Williams declared that, while she understood the anger of the people, “somebody has to start telling the truth.”

“I’m naming it… I’m acknowledging the pain, but someone has to start telling our people the truth.”

After this interview, Williams continued the conversation on Instagram.

At the bottom of one upload, Williams acknowledged that — regardless of people’s stance — she knows that “our culture needs this conversation.”

“Baby, what I know for sure is that our culture needs this conversation. No matter what your position or how this convo makes you feel, we need to start talking about these issues within the black community now.” Have to consider the level…or deal with the consequences later.” ,

He ended by saying, “Please keep the conversation going in the comments.”

Here’s the rundown on the ebony k. williams buzz

The conversation initially started during a sit-down between Williams and iyanla vangent But the grio,

After Williams mentioned how successful black women can feel even though the available men aren’t “earning” or “showing up in leadership” enough, Vanzant asked if she would “date a bus driver “

In turn, Williams declared that she would only do so “if he owns the bus.”

Upon receiving some online backlash over his statements, Williams tapped into and clarified that – instead of putting down working-class people – he is actually “pouring into the ascension of black men”.

“I am really speaking up and putting in the ascension of black men when I said what I said. But no, some of you were too busy naming and shaming me personally, and in general ostensibly black women, as unwanted golddiggers.

Commenters unapologetically noted that, while many may be attuned to praise of her “mediocre”, she does not personally endorse “The Fanaticism of Low Expectations.”

“Average isn’t good enough for me and will never be good enough. And the gag is, I don’t think it’s good enough for you either.”

Roommates, you ebony. What do you think of William’s attitude?