E-40 kicked out of Warriors-Kings game for ‘standing up too much’

Golden State Warriors And sacramento kings The Northern California playoff battle kicked off on Saturday night at the Golden 1 Center in Saktown, and it has surpassed the hype. Those were the main events during a full day of early-round postseason matchups, and the NBA definitely did it right with its scheduling.saving it best for last. young kings beat dUBS 126-123. The action at this game was non-stop, spilling over into the crowd in attendance. Apparently, you can party, have fun, talk dirty and enjoy the game until you poop Too much.

He found out when Bay Area hip-hop legend E-40 reached out to him arena security and The latter ran away from the seats of his court during the game. According to ESPN’s Mark Spears, the rapper was ejected from the game for “excessive standing up”. Yes, you read that correctly. The story is that the E-40 stood on its feet A little too much for the liking of some fans in attendance, so they were asked to vacate they had no doubt in the seat Paid a pretty penny to receive.

E-40, real name Earl Stevens, released a statement Sunday morning on his account of the incident, and surprisingly his story It was a little different. Stevens claimed his rejection was another case of racial prejudice, precisely given that he was booted something that is not usually against the rules at a sporting event. According to Stevens, he was miffed throughout the game and finally turned to face the trolls behind him during the fourth quarter. Shortly thereafter, Stevens and Golden 1 security were confronted, and asked to leave. Apparently, the heckler was a white woman, and of course, 40 people lost that fight, no matter how cool it was in Sacramento.

Whatever the reason, we’ll know more as the series unfolds in the days to come. It would never have occurred to him to stand during the game at the Chase Center in San Francisco, and for all that reason. If the racial side of the story is true, it’s a bad omen for the security team at Golden 1 Center. Either way, getting kicked out of the game for standing up while he is standing at different points during the game is ridiculous. However, in that part of northern California, it would not be shocking if Stevens’ version is correct.

This series is far from over, and with Taking Warriors’ Courtside Fixtures Off Opponent’s Turf, The stakes are raised Especially for two competing fan bases.