Drew Sidora Addresses Her and Ralph ‘Racing’ to File for Divorce

after new episodes of real housewives of atlanta On Sunday (June 25), drew sidora shed more light on her pending divorce ralph pittman,

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Drew speculates that Ralph was trying to “change the narrative” by rushing to file first.

Come forward The actress discussed the matter during the latest installment Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,

It was her first time appearing on Bravo’s late night show since news of her and Ralph’s divorce broke. As a result, host Andy Cohen Naturally some questions were locked and loaded for Drew.

First and foremost, Andi asks Drew if there is any truth to the reports of her and Ralph “running the court”. While Ralph was initially known to be the one who filed for divorce, TMZ later reported that Drew arrived at court 61 minutes before Sidora Pittman.

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Speaking on the situation, Drew says it was sparked by Ralph finding out that she was “planning to file.”

“It was not a race. I got to the point where enough was enough, and once he found out I was planning to file, it became a [race],

He added, “I don’t know whether that was a deflection or trying to change the narrative.”

After continuing and noting that she and Ralph “have conversations about kids,” Drew states that her children’s well-being is her top priority.

“I think through this process, I’ve really tried to protect the kids in everything.”

Drew Sidora Wants To “Claim Happiness” And Achieve Her Dreams

The comments come just before Entertainment Tonight published an interview with Drew Sidora.

During the meeting, Drew admits that the disintegration of her marriage was caused by “a lot of things”.

“As humans, we can only take so much, and we really have reached a breaking point and enough is enough. There were a lot of things, and I believe that when one is not able to take ownership of those mistakes and see them as an opportunity to work on improving and growing the marriage, it can be a doom for you.

After noting that his “prayer is this.” [they] can be great co-parents” and maybe even “find [their] Returning to the friendship, she is looking to “claim the peace” in the meantime.

“I want to claim peace. I want to claim happiness for my children. I want to claim all the dreams and things I wanted to accomplish as a little girl so that I can go after them.