Details emerge on bizarre Naiham Hines season-ending injury

Naihem Hines #20 of the Buffalo Bills returns the opening kickoff for a touchdown during the first quarter against the New England Patriots at Highmark Stadium on January 08, 2023 in Orchard Park, New York.
(Photo by Brian M. Bennett/Getty Images)

When it comes to their running game, it seems like the Buffalo Bills just can’t seem to catch a break.

A consistent run of play has proved difficult for them of late and could be the case again next season.

According to NFL Network’s Tom Pellicero, the Bills will have to play without RB Naihem Hines for the entire campaign.

The former Indianapolis Colts running back was sitting still on the jet ski before another rider collided with him and suffered multiple non-life-threatening injuries, Pelissero said.

This is a huge blow to the Bills’ aspirations, as they traded for him just last season.

Although his back hasn’t had any injuries or physical injuries, he has proven to be one of the best pass-catching backs in the game, and he could be a solid change of pace at third down behind Josh Allen.

Bill is coming with a lot to prove in the upcoming campaign.

They’ve been serious Super Bowl contenders for years, but they’ve consistently fallen short of their goal, and some believe a more balanced offensive approach is just what they need to get over the hump once and for all.

And with Aaron Rodgers joining the New York Jets, the Bills will have a tough road ahead in their division and their conference, so they may have to dig deep into the trade market to find themselves a new passing tackle before the start of the season.

As for Hines, let’s hope he makes a speedy recovery and can be back on the field soon.

Bills RB expected to miss 2023 season due to major injury