Deborah Roberts Is a Real-Life Barbie Doll in Alluring Photos You Should See

Deborah Roberts is officially Journalist Barbie! Channeling the iconic doll for a meeting with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, the ABC News star donned the prettiest pink look for her latest segment on Nightline.

Deborah Roberts posing in a Barbie car© Instagram
Deborah poses in a Barbie car

Deborah shared several throwback pictures from her interaction with the cast on Instagram on Friday barbie, and we’re obsessed with her on-theme outfit. Giving a masterclass in dopamine dressing, the 62-year-old stepped out in a bubblegum pink suit that left us mesmerized.

Teamed up with a leopard print blouse, the mother of two accessorised with nude stilettos and gold jewellery. As far as her hair goes, Deborah sported a bouncy blow dry with plenty of volume, while her makeup was kept natural and soft.

Deborah Roberts looks at Barbie movie costumes© Instagram
ABC News star takes a closer look at the film’s costumes

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Clearly having the time of her life, Deborah got a chance to pose in Barbie’s car, and she also got up close and personal with some of the most iconic costumes from the film, including Margot Robbie’s already iconic swimsuit from the trailer, as well as Kate McKinnon’s “weird Barbie” outfit.

Deborah Roberts filming for Nightline© Instagram
Deborah meets the cast of Barbie for a segment on Nightline

Captioning the envy-inspiring photos of her plastic-fabulous day, Deborah wrote: “I never realized so much pink existed until I went to meet the cast for @barbie a few weeks ago. I got a Barbie for my 9th birthday and when Christie showed up I was giddy.

Deborah Roberts chats with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling© Instagram
The 62-year-old talks to Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling

“She was the first black friend in #barbieworld. Now filming begins today and many are wondering about the message and whether it will deliver. Hear from the cast including the film’s stars @margotrobbieofficial and @ryangoslingoffical__ tonight on @nightline. Had a lot of fun!”

Many quickly commented on Deborah’s pink-tinged post, generating a huge response from fans. “pretty in Pink!” One replied. “Looking to be an incredible amount of fun!” another pair.

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Meanwhile, a third commented, “Deb, did they let you take the car home!! It’s gorgeous!!” To which the TV star replied: “@heatherconrad891 ha. They barely let me touch it!”

It’s certainly been a busy week for Deborah. In between filming segments for ABC News and her Instagram Live series, let’s chat with deborahThe lovely mom also celebrated her son Nick’s birthday.

Pictured with her husband Al Roker, their children Leila and Nick, and their stepdaughter Courtney, the family couldn’t look happier as they stopped by The Polo Bar New York for dinner and drinks.

Deborah and Al Roker celebrate their son Nick's birthday© Instagram
Deborah recently celebrated her son Nick’s birthday

Deborah captioned the photos from the celebration on Instagram: “Party time. Happy birthday dear Nick. Thank you @nellcan for making any occasion special.”

Before their meal, Deborah had already written a heartfelt post for her son, which read: “It happened 21 years ago around noon. My sweet little boy came into the world quietly and beautifully. He was a miracle.

“After many IVF attempts, I had one last try. And this little sprout insisted on taking root and growing and emerging with a strong and beautiful spirit. We are so lucky to see you grow and prove that optimism, hope, goodness and determination will always win. Happy 21st birthday dear Nick! Welcome to the world as a young, legitimate adult!! Love you beyond measure!!!”