Deadspin has stopped all coverage of Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers It’s the bane of existence for a lot of sports writers these days. Ridiculous story after impossibly dumb anecdote leaks, and we keep running after him like he’s a dog with IBS — smooth dump and all. Rational humans have gone to the point of view of “just tell me when he’s done,” and I couldn’t co-sign more with that viewpoint. If only we at Deadspin could be lucky enough to be free of green Bay Whyuarterback and his ongoing existential crisis.

We say – And it’s purely fictional – that we just stopped covering Rogers, Figuring out how to make up for the loss of traffic will be difficult, but I’m sure we can moneyball Our way of making a difference through slideshows, Scott Hatteberg, and other glitches. Obviously it would be hard to cover jet If we went with it, even though it’s the fucking Jets, it wasn’t going to be a deal breaker.

Of course, my editors pushed back and even after initially refusing to entertain the possibility, they pushed back. Lo and behold, months later, he relented, and it only begged me within an inch of my job 73 times.

So, without further ado, it gives me great pleasure to announce to you, the Internet, that Deadspin has put a coverage pause on Rodgers. That’s right AA-ron, go to hell. you are not interesting neither is Pat McAfeeAnd finally, We are able to make better use of our working days instead of revising 200 words every time Rogers gets indigestion.

Yes, it is absolutely an internet stunt. There isn’t an iota of journalistic integrity to this, but the essence of what we’re doing is taken from the Rodgers playbook. And that is, when in doubt, the unreliable, untraceable tactic to heed. And what better way than to ride the fumes of the most obnoxious, most visible athlete/storyline right now?

we are not espn or tOur commitment to The Athletic, and consequently, Bit, may exceed our commitment to covering Rodgers. Could this turn into a three-month shunt for big stories to “do our job” with the occasional unshun-reshun headlines, but be a dick about it? Yeah, that’s probably what’s going to happen. Ideally, we can hold off on breaking the seal for as long as possible, or at least until the threat of termination turns into a promise of dismissal.

The best way to anger an egoist is to silence him. This is an Amish technique. I was shunned from the age of four until my sixth birthday for not saving the extra oil from a can of tuna. And look how I turned out. Yes, I’m mildly self-absorbed, but at least I have some degree of self-awareness.

Speaking of which, my self-aggrandizement alarm has been buzzing for the last few paragraphs, so I’m going to wrap this up. You see, Rodgers? Less is more — and hopefully what we’re not saying about No. 12 speaks volumes as it pertains to how much ink this jackass deserves.