DC Young Fly speaks out on staying strong after Jackie Oh’s passing

DC Young Fly is sharing how he’s moving forward following the passing of Jackie Oh. As The Shade Room previously reported, Jackie Oh passed away in May after being found unconscious in a Miami hotel room.

Additionally, it was reported that the comedian’s girlfriend and mother of the children had undergone “mommy makeover” surgery shortly before his death.

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DC Young Fly speaks out on becoming an icon of ‘positivity’ after his family tragedy

The comedian recently spoke to TMZ about how she’s been able to stay strong after Jackie Oh passed away. He explained that his faith played an important role in his persistence.

“…God ​​is the greatest. He has given me the strength to go ahead and take care of my children…and that is the key to life. You just [have to] Keep moving forward, keep praying, and never let the tragedies and things you go through get you down…”

DC acknowledged that “we are [all] humane” and “emotional.” However, he prefers not to display himself in his more emotional moments.

“That’s the thing – people want to see me cry. I will not record myself crying and show you that I am crying.

The comedian further explained that he “cries all the time” but will “show positivity.”

“I cry all the time, but I show positivity and tell people that God is the greatest. I want to continue to show that God is lifting me up and giving me strength, and that is the message I want to continue to give to the world…”

The comedian shared an update on his and Jackie Oh’s children and his plea to the public

Additionally, DC also shared how his kids are doing after the demise of their mother.

“Until you’ve been through that, you’ll know. but you know, [we’ll] get through it.”

Before ending the interview, the interviewer explained to DC that Jackie Oh’s passing inspired a more widespread conversation regarding the safety of plastic surgery. He then asked the comedian whether he believed the tragedy would “stop people from taking up the practice”.

“If they are paying attention then it must be so. But some people use certain people as lessons and some people [are] Just go on with your life…”

Despite this, the comedian shared that he wants people to “take care” of themselves and “make sure” they make the “best decisions” for themselves and their families.

“I just want people to take care of themselves and make sure you make the best decisions for you and your family and always put God first and don’t let anyone break your character.”

As The Shade Room previously reported, funeral services were held for Jackie Oh earlier this month. Furthermore, many social media users lauded DC Young Fly for their strength in the service.

According to The US Sun, the cause of Jackie Oh’s death is “under investigation.”