Damson Idris and Dave Andron Break Down Series Finale – Deadline

Spoiler alert: The following story reveals major plot points from tonight’s series finale of FX Snowfall.

FX’s hit drama series returns after 6 seasons snow The final goodbyes were said tonight, and while everything that happened was somewhat expected, it is absolutely heartbreaking to see a promising life end in poverty and despair.

Viewers have been on a journey with Franklin Saint (Dameson Idris), watching his ups and downs and cheering him on for what he has accomplished. But money and power have a tendency to turn people, especially when said fortune comes from criminal activity. In the end, Franklin is left with no family and friends to talk to—except for Leon Simmons (Isaiah John) from his first day—a pale shadow of his Season 1 father, Alton Williams (Kevin Carroll), Drunk and destitute.

“His final moments were incredibly challenging. There was a fatherly connection that I personally connected to so it was very emotional for me. Franklin’s relationship with his father and his becoming an alcoholic was incredibly difficult,” Idris told Deadline. “Behind the scenes, I had a little flask that no one knew about. I touched it to my lips just to taste it. I’ll also admit that I didn’t shower. Good luck.” Since I was not bothering anyone with any smell,” he said with a laugh.

Thanks to Sissy (Michael Hyatt), who is in prison for the murder of Teddy McDonald (Carter Hudson) in episode 9, Leon makes it out alive in time. With his wife Wanda (Gail Bean), they leave for Ghana in search of a new life until the crack epidemic is brought under control. When Leon returns, he seeks out his friend Franklin, who is hiding inside the family home, which is now dilapidated, and places an eviction note on the door.

Leon is stunned by who Franklin has become, but they take a walk through the neighborhood when they catch up. In one corner, the pair pass by a film that’s in production as a nod to co-producer John Singleton’s hit film boys in the hood1991, released in the year snow ends.

Isaiah John as Leon Simmons, Damson Idris as Franklin St.

“If you think about it in some ways, snow a little preface to boysand how the neighborhood got to the point that you experience in the movie,” said series co-creator Dave Andron. “We moved forward several years in time and we didn’t put an actual date on it, but the newspapers that Leone hits the road is from September 1990, when John began filming. boys in the hood, It was very intentional to go back to that moment in time to pick up that story where John picked it up with the film. That was just a small tip of the hat to him.

Now, for anyone who is wondering why the decision was not made to kill Franklin and put him out of his misery, Andron explains.

“It’s funny because when we talked about whether Franklin should die, there was a group of people who felt that it was an easy way out. That his death meant he had to pay for the damage he did. won’t face. He destroyed this neighborhood and caused unrealistic damage to his community. They really needed help and what they got was another plague. I think in those words, except for Sissy’s house There is the dramatic irony of having no place to live, where he must constantly confront what he has perceived to be a certain kind of hell. Now he has to hit the road with these junkies, for whom he somehow Kind of responsible. The dramatic irony of that struck us right,” Andron said.

Damson is proud to be a part of Singleton’s legacy; Snowfall serves as the filmmaker’s final project before his death in 2019. His time with Singleton will be cherished forever.

“My favorite moments were my time with John Singleton, building the character and exploring the world and educating myself on the era. So many people didn’t know about some of the things related to the crack epidemic,” said Idris. “You look at the laws that came from that, the prejudice and the Clinton administration and a lot of the things that affected black people in this country. It was amazing to understand that history.

As Deadline exclusively confirmed in late March, a spinoff is in early development with the character of Wanda rumored to be the connective tissue between the original show and the offshoot. In the series finale, Leone mentions that he and Wanda are back in Los Angeles as he is interested in producing a musical to potentially set up a follow-up to the show.

“She came back from Africa at the very end, and even though we don’t see her we hear about her from Leon, she’s back and she’s got a dream,” Andron shared. “She’s going to have a full life and she’s found something she’s passionate about, something she wants to be a part of. It goes back to Wanda for me when we first met. If she goes into creativity and heart music, I think she might be able to really carve something.

He continued, “And you know, West Coast hip hop is about to explode. So telling the story of what’s happening in South Central the way Singleton told it Boyz N the Hood, And so as you know, it leaked out there that we could try to continue that story because it felt worthy of Snowfall, and I felt worthy of John Singleton. So we’ll see if we can figure it out.