Dallas Mavericks fined $750K for throwing elimination game

dallas mavericks He was fined for punting in the postseason less than a year from the Western Conference Finals. as a result of a decision to seat prominent people And let Luka Dončić essentially play only one quarter in an elimination game Chicago Bulls On 7th April, mark cuban$750,000 out of pocket after NBA understands this move “Conduct Detrimental to the League.”

“The Mavericks violated the league’s player resting policy and demonstrated through actions and public statements the organization’s willingness to lose games in order to improve their chances of having their first round pick in the 2023 NBA Draft,” an NBA spokesperson said. Read the statement.

“The league did not find that the players participating in the game were not playing to win.”

Besides confusing double-negatives, the penalty adds insult to the disqualification and is the perfect addition to the effort Dallas has shown during its 2022-23 campaign. I wish more sports leagues would penalize franchises for poor performance. While I know that 38-44 record wasn’t technically why they grabbed a ticket for tanking, before they traded away pretty much everyone on the defense on their roster, experts were holding off on the maws. Kyrie Irving,

nba Executive Vice President Joe Dumar said that the Mavericks “failed our fans and our league.”

“The decision to ban key players from the Dallas Mavericks from fully participating in last Friday’s elimination game against Chicago undermines the integrity of our sport,” he said.

It sounds simple, yet if you know Dumars, they might have said they wanted to do it. Rip their hearts out, eat their children, praise Allah, three-quarters of a million dollars The fine was such a truncation of a decision that I’m surprised Adam Silver didn’t pile in the news release.

These play-in games have added an extra wrinkle for franchises trying to pivot the draft.Beaver. There is no longer any shame in throwing games after the calendar is flipped, and I am amused that this led to a scenario in which the league jockeys for draft positions to punish a squad for forfeiting games.

I personally feel it, and if you told me when Dallas acquired Irving That the Mavs season was going to end when they were being fined for ducking in the playoffs, I would have added a chef’s kiss emoji to the mentions.

In the past week, Doncic came out and said, “I’m happy here.” Irving declined to participate in the club’s exit interview with the media, which is on-brand and should be an indication that if they do re-sign him, it should be a re-sign and trade. and i haven’t even mentioned jason kiddwho once lost the locker room around Christmas, but who was told by GM Nico Harrison “We have coaches.”

Even though the chances of any Mavs postseason run would have ended on Friday if they hadn’t qualified before then, should something happen Said about showing some fucking spine. Go out swinging, don’t sit.

Talking about going out…

the bulls gave Miami Heat A run for their culture, a late offense in a 102–91 loss. Now, Jimmy Butler Wanders into Milwaukee, boots full of socks, and tries to get his team one, maybe two wins against the Bucks.

in the west, Rudy Gobert returned to Minnesota, as Anthony Edwards’ swag and shot and Timberwolves Sent thunder return to oklahoma city With some semi-playoff experience. Karl-Anthony Towns scored 28 as the Wolves won 120–95.

waiting for them denver nuggets, and I’m extremely excited to see the juxtaposition of basketball IQ between KAT and Nikola Jokic over the next four to… four games. gotta love it When a league just adds a bunch of playoff spots to the 9 and 10 seeds, still get sent fishing.

oh good The real action starts today with quadruple headers, and I’m ready for no-load management Basketball,