Craig feeling ‘really alone’ amid Pages drama

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Succumbing to the summer heat? craig conover got emotional summer house – and claimed that girlfriend Paige DeSorbo Did not support him through this.

“I thought my mom’s birthday was yesterday, but it was today, so I missed it,” Craig, 34, told Paige, 30, during Bravo’s Monday, May 15, episode of Trying to Cry.

When southern charm The star claimed he was “nice” he wouldn’t look a fashion journalist in the eye. “Everyone in the world can see that something is wrong except the one person I want to see,” Craig said before insisting, “Baby, it’s okay.”

When the founders of Sew Down South retreated to the bathroom, Peggy joined them and tried to defuse the situation.

“Every time I’m sad about something or I think your reaction is, ‘Stop being King Pee-Y,'” Craig claimed before storming off. The “Giggli Squad” podcast cohost, meanwhile , Throwing up in the bathroom was listening.

craig talked to the friend later kyle cook He was “just sad” about missing his mom’s special day.

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“I just feel like I need a solid rock in my life,” said the “Pillows & Bear” podcast cohost. Kyle, 40, interrupted, saying, “You have a rock solid look. A: Your company. B: Paige.

But, Craig admitted: “Sometimes I feel really lonely.”

The next morning the pair appeared to be back on track, but once again rift occurred when Paige opted to chat with her friends instead of joining her boyfriend in the shower.

“He’s such a kid. I’m pissed right now. Craig always acts so dramatic and then it’s my fault,” the New York native explained ciara miller And amanda batula, “I’m like, ‘I don’t even know what’s happening.’ He gets mad because I’m not sensitive.”

She later told the cameras: “I think Craig is in like this emotional whirlwind. [But] Craig was crying Saturday night because he missed his mom’s birthday and I’m not getting enough rest?”

Elsewhere in the episode, Craig tells Ciara, 27 — one of Paige’s BFFs — that he was taken aback by the influencer’s reaction to the prospect of getting engaged so soon. (During the April 10 episode, Paige cried when pillow Talk The author started talking about how soon she wanted to take the next step in their relationship — which would mean moving to Charleston.)

The Delaware native reflected on Paige’s previous emotional reaction on Monday’s episode, saying, “Her engagement meant moving in together and leaving her mom.” “I have realized that we have much more work to do than I thought. I am very [the] ‘It’s enough if you’re in love’ boy. He’s very much like, ‘It’s not enough.’

Ciara encouraged Craig to “stop fantasizing about it”, pointing out that the engagement “isn’t a fantasy, it’s a reality.” Kyle, for his part, weighed in on the couple’s drama by telling his wife, Amanda, 31, at the end of the episode that he was worried about them.

The Loverboy founder said of Craig, “I think he’s just realizing they’re further away from the engagement than they thought.” “I don’t know what to tell her.”

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