Corinne says Jamie Foxx is ‘out of the hospital and recovering’

jamie foxx Fans (and prayer warriors) can rest easy today! His daughter, who first brought us news of his ‘medical complication’, revealed on Friday (12 May) that Jamie is “recovering”.

In fact, their eldest confirmed that Foxx is out of the hospital for “weeks,” despite blog-and-Internet-pushed rumors about Jamie’s “declining health.”

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“Update from the family: Sad to see how media goes crazy. My dad has been out of the hospital for weeks, recuperating,” Corinne wrote on an Instagram Story.

She included a short description with a repost rap tv Recent reports about Jamie. The outlet’s headline claims, “Jamie Foxx’s loved ones are reportedly preparing for the worst.” Citing Radar Online, Jamie alleges in his Instagram caption “The inner circle is reportedly preparing for the ‘worst’ as his health continues to decline.” Adds caption that a “source” Jamie said “Won’t be in the hospital that long f he was close to okay.”

Good! It looks like Rader’s source got the wrong information, because according to Corinne, her father is doing more than okay. In her Insta-statement, she said that Foxx was “playing pickleball yesterday.”

Corinne’s update comes after Jamie Foxx’s ‘Feeling Blessed’ post from earlier this month

On May 3, Jamie Foxx posted a message on his possibly personal Instagram account. He didn’t mention complications or give a health update. However, he told family, friends and supporters that he “[appreciates] All the love” and “Feeling blessed.”

It had been three weeks since Jamie had posted, before Corinne revealed that her father had suffered an undisclosed “medical complication”. She said that Foxx received “quick action and great care,” setting her “on the path to recovery.” But radio silence after the barebones statement sparked theories, including the same ‘failing health’ rumors that Corinne slammed.

Although both father and daughter have assured fans (and media outlets) that Jamie is fine, neither has provided visual evidence—neither Foxx or playing pickleball at home. However, that might not last long – fingers crossed – because in her Insta-Story update, Corinne hinted at Jamie returning to work – somehow.

“Thank you everyone for your prayers and support! We also have an exciting announcement to make next week,” Corinne concluded the statement.

Jamie’s post last week was one from “Beat Shazam,” a show Foxx hosts and daughter Corinne tracks. show announced nick cannon will fill Jamie’s seat as a guest host, while kelly osbourne Will fill in as guest DJ. So, it’s unclear whether fans are hoping for Corinne has anything to do with “Beat Shazam” or an entirely new project.