Colleen Hoover Books in Order

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With the recent surge in booktook popularity and word-of-mouth buzz, dozens of Colleen Hoover’s books have gone straight to bestselling lists. Creating authentic, rich, and relatable new-adult worlds with her words is somewhat of a specialty of Hoover’s, most recently her backbone in thriller-horror with her acclaimed books “Verity” and “Layla.” An example of his knack for connecting complex characters with tingly, ominous stories.

The “All Your Perfects” author began her journey as a novelist over a decade ago with her self-published debut novel “Slammed” in 2012. The New York Times bestseller has since delivered more than 20 pieces of fantasy perfection. Her works deftly explore everything from the dual perspectives of poignant romance, emotional family dynamics, and sensitive friendships to sensitive issues such as sexual and domestic violence and trauma.

Hoover released the long-awaited, highly anticipated sequel to 2016’s “It Ends With Us,” “It Starts With Us” in October 2022, and it continues Lily’s journey, this time from the perspective of her first love Atlas. With a glimpse Luckily for superfans, the opening book in the series is getting a film adaptation very soon. Brandon Schellner will play Atlas, joining Justin Baldoni (Ryle) and Blake Lively (Lily).

If you’ve been wanting to delve into Hoover’s wide-ranging literary world while you wait for the movie β€” stand-alone and book series included β€” we’ve got you covered. Ahead, you’ll find a complete guide to easing into the Koho Universe as we’ve listed all of her books in order of release, along with brief synopses of each title, for your reading pleasure. From the recently released “Reminder of Him” ​​to the fan favorite love story “All Your Perfects,” keep reading to learn about Hoover’s full catalog. Aspiring comrades, assemble!