CM Punk is pushing AEW to return

here we are again. The whisper has turned to thunder. CM Punk is on his way (back) to AEW. Except this time, he’s out there gaslighting his own way. which is strange to once hated leeks So much for the wrestling media that they decided to start a fight over it.

There is no doubt that AEW is in for another big summer. they have at least three ppv , Double or Nothing over Memorial Day weekend, The Forbidden Door with NJPW in late June, and potentially All Out in Chicago in September, though this time at the United Center. To boot, they’ve announced a show at Wembley Stadium for the week before Labor Day weekend, which usually slots All Out. no one said all in Wembley will have a PPV, and they can configure the stadium to sell any number of tickets and call it a sellout (they don’t have to sell 80,000 tickets)), but needless to say, They have to go big or go home with their tail between their legs.

CM Punk turns the needle

If you need to transfer tickets and Create buzz, no one does it like CM Punk. This is the law of the industry. But like his exit in September when he set fire to the company he worked for and the people who gave him a back alley for fans, his return is just a clunky touch.

Look, there are reports that Punk wants to make a comeback, That he is open to working with the Young Bucks. That he would work with Kenny Omega, or even Hangman Page, the man he went rogue for talking nonsense to settle a score in his head and kicked bile that would eventually lead to Brawl Out Will give birth to that is equal Used your mouthpiece in ftr, Recently picked up again by AEW to make his return and squawk for those matches. Although FTR just signed new contracts, so they might be feeling a little spring on their own, and untouchable.

But, As Brian Alvarez saidIf that match or those feuds were actually working for All In or All Out, FTR wouldn’t need to publicly clamor for them, They’ll keep them under wraps until just the right time to reveal them to fans and get them drooling. So it seems like they are trying to force Tony Khan into this.

To boot, all the reports you hear, the kind of reports that made Punk mad when they weren’t in his favor, indicate that the Bucks and Omega have plans to work with him upon his return. Has not given consent. It’s also worth noting that both the Young Bucks and Omega are currently negotiating new contracts with AEW, and all three have at least indicated they could go elsewhere. Maybe it’s just leverage, but this certainly is the moment for Punk to strike, isn’t it?

As far as we know, Punk hasn’t reformed.

Nowhere has it been reported that Punk has apologized, or even taken any responsibility, for what happened in September. He just wants to come back so badly. He wants to do this because he loves wrestling. Because he misses the fans a lot. Ahem…

It definitely feels like Punk is positioning things, it seems like he is the victim in all of this, and if only the selfish and big bad Bucks and Omega would be willing to work with him, fans would get all that. whatever they want. Punk will get everything he wants. Except that Punk has always wanted everything he wants, without actually caring to get it, as long as he gets it, and as long as he can make it look like he’s just a true fan. doing a service for.

Looks like it will take more than money and some begging for Bucks and Omega to beat Punk on everything they made, everything they accomplished, and all they do just because Punk wants them. . Punk certainly knows that any feud with him and any combination of Bucks, Omega, and Page will happen, and it certainly seems like he’s playing on what he’s done or said, and without him on his own. To get payback, and trying to make others the real villains in it. He will turn the AEW fans against the people who created AEW, if he has to, or he will die trying, before he is responsible in any way for his exile. It really is classic punk.

He will soon return to the AEW ring. They’ve got a dynamite schedule in Chicago in June, which is intriguing to say the least. The contract status of the Bucks and Omega is up in the air, and the usual bile from former co-workers like Jon Moxley or Hangman Page – Not to mention a cadre of other wrestlers who just can’t stand their guts – It’s surprising how much AEW has had to sacrifice to get him there.

But as we’ve learned in the past, it’s not enough for CM Punk.

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