Clippers and Timberwolves fans should have worn cups

nba The Western Conference playoffs have been competitive to a point. The games themselves are nice, yet it looks like we’re only going to get one, maybe two Game 6s. The Los Angeles Clippers and Minnesota Timberwolves bounced on Tuesday, and as valiantly as they fought back — injuries or self-inflicted wounds be damned — it quickly became clear that their 2023 playoff run was going to be short-lived. While that was telegraphed, what each organization does next is not.

If you’re unfortunate enough to be a fan of either of these two franchises, first off, I’m sorry. And, second, Woo Boy, do you have anything off season to do. Los Angeles can’t justify running back this roster, and the only way Minnesota can do that is after digging themselves into a massive hole. Rudy Gobert,

If you sympathize with LeBron James, Nick Claxton, or Royce O’Neal after softening up on their junk last week, you should send Wolves and Clippers supporters a bottle of bubbly, along with another zalinsky promise – “Hard break, get drunk on us. Use the bucket to pour ice over your marbles. Yours, Jade.”

However, times are tough, and my bank account can’t finance a get-well package for both fans, so let’s see who is more deserving of some momma.

Ideally, The Clippers’ New Arena Is Equipped With Bacta Tanks

news dropped wednesday kawhi leonard tore his meniscus, which would have been nice to know at some point within the last week. He joined Paul George in road clothes for the last three games of the Phoenix series, and Steve Ballmer looked like he wanted to fire the entire team when he came down by 20 in the second half on Tuesday.

The medical staff and organization have enabled a culture of load management, but no matter how draconian the rules, Leonard and George’s knees and calves pop like tulips in late March and early April. All of the team’s aging role players are in the less experienced stages of their careers, and they still have loads of contracts on the books.

The good is that those pieces are moveable, the bad is that they own one of their next four draft picks after this year, and the ugly Leonard and George are poised to make a combined $90 million next year. A rebuilding team wants to make choices, and a contender isn’t going to part with its star for 10 cents on the dollar, so L.A.’s only real option is to rebuild a bunch of fringe guys around similarly flawed stars.

It’s tough, and I don’t expect much patience from Ballmer as he’s making his debut 1,160 new toilets and urinals in Inglewood by 2024And if he ends up with a crap product, there will be a flurry of crap jokes.

Anthony Edwards is not Carl, he is not looking for a golden parachute

While the Clippers’ comeback was failing, Karl-Anthony Towns Committed four fouls in the final five minutes of Game 5, his second foul in as many games, and his 11 millionth career foul in 16 playoff games. Rudy Gobert also fouled out, and Anthony Edwards missed a back iron to tie the game at three as time expired.

The budding star then went to the locker room, and was slammed by Nuggets fans for “Disrespect.” Edwards began the season being called out for his immature eating habits, and did not display much growth during his handshake-less exit or during his postgame media availability.

Kat joins Ant in the presser, but I don’t know whether the guards heard the glowing things Townes said about him because he had his face buried in his arms on the table, hood up, headphones over him. with. It was odd that Kat went out of his way to praise Edwards, and that’s probably because the 21-year-old shooting guard is eligible for his max rookie extension this summer.

We all agree that no one would be foolish enough to pay that kind of money, yet you equally question Edwards’ mental ability if he signed up for an extended future next to Towns and Gobert at those salaries. Did.

Minnesota also has dirt to choose from, and even fewer quality role players than Los Angeles to hang around as trade bait. No one wants Gobert, and the only way Townes will move is if he receives a star of his caliber or better in return. Given that some of those names are out there now, I don’t know what Edwards does other than pray and sign an extension and desperately try to move Gobert.

If Edwards returns, Alex Rodriguez and the rest of Minnesota’s ownership group will allocate their cap of more than $100 million to three players, two of whom don’t fit together and played or played themselves out of postseason games. .

So yeah, I don’t know who deserves more pity, because for the first time in NBA history, you can’t go wrong with choosing the Wolves or the Clippers.