Cinema Guild Titles ‘The Daughters of Fire’ to North America at Cannes – Deadline

Exclusive: Cinema Guild acquires North American distribution rights to Portuguese director Pedro Costa’s short film daughters of fireAfter its stellar world premiere at Cannes this year.

Set in the stomping grounds of Costa on the Atlantic Ocean island of Cape Verde, the film follows the story of three sisters who are separated by the eruption of the local Fogo volcano.

However, they remain bound in spirit, singing the same words: One day, we’ll know why we live and why we suffer.

daughters of fire It received an enthusiastic reception at Cannes when it was screened as a special screening of Jean-Luc Godard. Trailer for the movie that will never exist: “Funny Wars” and Wang Bing’s 2023 Palme d’Or contender man in black,

For its North American theatrical release in late 2023 or early 2024, the Cinema Guild plans to run the short film from Korean director Hong Sangsu with the title Encounters at Berlinale 2023. in the waterfor one fire+water double bill.

Peter Kelly, president of the Cinema Guild, said, “There are very few opportunities for short films to be played theatrically, but no recent short film is more demanding of the theatrical experience than Pedro Costa’s monumental new work.”

“We think audiences will be thrilled by the pairing of these two powerhouse filmmakers, each presenting one of their most daring offerings yet.”

The deal was negotiated by the Cinema Guild’s Kelly and Tom Swain with the film’s production company, Clarao Companhia.

The film is the first collaboration between Costa and the Cinema Guild since 2014. horse money, While in Cannes, Costa mentioned that the film is a test in preparation for an upcoming feature film.

Further releases from Cinema Guild include Claire Simon films our body and Angela Schnellek music, Recent releases include Laura Citarella Tranque LouquenHelena Wittmann’s flesh human flower and Hong Sangsu’s Come near,