Chrissy Teigen Says Joining ‘ROOBH’ Wouldn’t Be a ‘Good Idea’

chrissy teigen finally admitting whether she would join real housewives of beverly hillsand it seems that he is No Here’s to Chance!

She Worries About Coming Off as “Too Fangirl-y”

Teigen commented on the matter during Thursday’s episode Watch what happens live with Andy Cohen,

During the sit-down, Chrissy was asked about her reactions to people – including Andy Cohen And rohob OG Kyle Richards — announcing that they wanted to cast Teigen in the series.

In turn, Teigen said that while she likes the show, she thinks being a fan would be a problem.

“I love everything about it – obviously, I love watching the show. [But] I don’t think the fans of the show are necessarily nice because we know too much, and I think they come over and seem like they’re too fangirl-y.

As a result, Chrissy declared, “I don’t think it’s really a good idea for me.”

He further said that he is not involved in verbal fight housewives Often attends shows.

“Besides, it doesn’t seem like it, but I don’t like fighting.”

However, Andy assures Chrissie that she “doesn’t have to fight” and can instead be a “fun girl”.

Still, Teigen wasn’t here for the idea.

“But if you’re a fun girl, you have to be a ‘something else’ girl, too.”

Chrissy Teigen comments on reports surrounding Kim Zolciak and Kroy Berman

On top of accepting the call to join the series, Chrissy also shared her initial reaction to the news Kim Zolciak reportedly filed for divorce kroy berman,

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chrissy shared that she “didn’t see it coming.” Additionally, she questioned whether the split may have had to do with some reports about their alleged “money issues”.

“I didn’t see it coming. But you also have to wonder, like, is it all because of [alleged] Money problem?”

Chrissy said it “really came out of nowhere” before Andy shared that he reacted by texting her, “Love doesn’t exist.”

“She texted, ‘Love doesn’t exist.’ In capital letters.”

Teigen wrapped up the whole situation surrounding the family by calling her “Niki”.

“You feel for them. They have kids, and a family, and all these public troubles. And it’s just weird.

Will you be ready to see Chrissy Teigen join the cast? rohob,