Chris Brown speaks out amid reports of feud with Usher

Saturday morning arrived and Usher, Teyana and Chris remained silent. However, Asher’s son, Usher Raymond Vdropped a lil’ anime that attracted mixed reactions online.

The posts on his Instagram Story (@cincoye) depict an anime scene where a character allegedly gets “jumped” by another group.

“Looking ahhh,” he wrote on one post, along with, “Don’t message me about this.” In another post, he wrote, “Lemme stop playing.”

“Playing” is not what people online got from the post. Instead, they took the reference to the anime as confirmation of the story that Chris and/or his team attacked Usher outside the skating rink.

Although he deleted the posts that read “Spin back finna be bonkers”, this had little effect on curbing the narrative.

Meanwhile, Usher appeared online at the Lovers & Friends festival on Saturday without any bumps or scratches.

“We are having a great time here, see you soon,” he said.